Thursday, November 09, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Insurrection As Nazi Protesters Interrupt House Hearing on Anti Semitism

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 • Insurrection: Nazi Protesters Interrupt House Hearing on Anti Semitism Tyler O'Neil
 • The Democratic Party and its voters endorse bigots and murderers Robert Zimmerman
 • Anti-Semitic Crimes Are on the Rise Everywhere John Sexton
 • AP, CNN, New York Times Photogs Accompanied Hamas Terrorists In Oct 7 Attack FPM
 • Hymietown Redux Power Line
 • Judge Engoron’s TDS-Afflicted Wife Regularly Flips Out on X M Dowling
 • Liberalism is losing the information war Noah Smith
 • Stop Drinking the Political Kool-Aid, America: Voting Will Not Save Us John & Nisha Whitehead
 • Republicans Score Huge Win in Virginia: Soros-Backed Attorney Goes Down in Flames Teri Christoph


 • Michigan town ousts entire township board that supported building plant for China-based company MSN
 • Vivek Ramaswamy calls out Ronna McDaniel's failures at her NBC circus Tiana Lowe Doescher
 • Republicans Aren't Tired of Losing Yet RS

Scandal Central

 • Barbarism Is Winning David Strom
 • Shocker: Whistleblowers say Rogue FBI retaliated against agents for their political beliefs Times
 • Family FBI Raided For Dad’s Pro-Life Advocacy Seeks $4.3 Million From ‘Corrupt’ DOJ Federalist


 • World Health Organization Accused of Putting Out Hamas Propaganda With Shocking Video Nick Arama
 • Pink Floyd's Roger Waters on October 7 Attacks: We Don't Know What Happened Because Israel Lies Matt Vespa
 • Coup-plotter Hillary Clinton compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler on The View Daily Mail


 • Hamas to NYT: War of Annihilation Is Exactly What We Wanted Ed Morrissey
 • Why Are US Forces Standing Up in Middle East? David Strom
 • US Attacks Eastern Syria In 2nd Round Of Major Strikes On 'Iran-Linked' Militants ZH


 • Squeezing the World’s Vulnerable Peoples Victor Davis Hanson
 • House Republicans Help Dems Preserve ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate That Could Shut Down Your Car Federalist
 • Holocaust Survivor from NY Celebrates 90th Birthday in Auschwitz With 100 Descendants Tzemach Feller


 • A month ago I had to tell my two daughters - 3.5 years old and 20 mo. old - they must remain completely silent… Amir Tibon
 • 'Chucky Three Sticks' Plans to Ban Fags in UK Diogenes
 • Midweek Mountain of Memes Feral Irishman


commoncents said...

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! Were CNN, Reuters and NY Times freelance photographers embedded w Hamas during Oct 7 attacks??

Edward Watkins said...

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