Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: We Are The Ones Being Colonized

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 • We Are The Ones Being Colonized TL Davis
 • Who's Giving Migrants GPS Coordinates to Gaps on Southern Border? Debra Heine
 • About That Manhattan Bridge Hamas Supporters Shut Down Yesterday Beege
 • Where Free Speech Ends and Lawbreaking Begins Ilya Shapiro
 • The Struggle for Black Freedom Has Nothing to Do with Israel Coleman Hughes
 • What To One Hostage Who Managed to Escape Captors in Gaza Teri Christoph
 • Americans are angry about immigration Noahpinion
 • Ignore Ghetto Gavin Newsom at Your Own Peril #GhettoGavin RS
 • Disrupt Violent Left-Wing Networks Christopher F. Rufo


 • The Federal Reserve Broke The Budget. Buckle Up For What Comes Next. Investors
 • House Republicans: Force Joe Biden To Explain Why Israel And Ukraine Are More Important Than America Eddie Scarry
 • Who You Gonna Believe: Your Wallet or Your Lying Eyes? Christopher Roach
 • Lather, Rinse, Repeat: TX Gonna Roll(ing Blackout) Through Winter Again Beege
 • Chinese Shadow Bank Announces Insolvency, Government Announces Investigation John Sexton
 • Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon Discuss What Happens Within a Democracy When Voting No Longer Works CTH

Scandal Central

 • White House Surveillance Program Lets Law Enforcement Snoop on *Trillions* of American Phone Records Breitbart
 • Jan. 6 police video captures Metro D.C. officer saying 'we go undercover as Antifa' JTN
 • Hamas has lost track of some hostages abducted during terror attack Breitbart


 • Musk declares Israel has ‘no choice’ but destroy Hamas after being left shocked in tour Sky News
 • Another Bad Weekend at the Box Office for Disney (Update) John Sexton
 • Sports Illustrated Published AI-Generated Articles Under Fake Names John Sexton


 • Hamas Keeps Violating Ceasefire Agreement David Strom
 • Musk Meets Netanyahu: 'There's No Choice' but to Destroy Hamas Ed Morrissey
 • Iran’s Implausible Deniability Jay Mens


 • Is there really a new plague coming out of China, or is this a con job? Andrea Widburg
 • Biden admin rolled out a massive highway emissions rule on Thanksgiving eve BPR
 • Jeff Bezos' Superyacht Generates 447 Times The Yearly Carbon Emissions Of Average US Household ZeroHedge


 • Cardona on Reagan: A video that will make you laugh out loud and then want to cry Andrea Widburg
 • Damn, the dust in here must be covered with fresh cut onions... Feral Irishman
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

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