Sunday, November 05, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Hamas Wing of the Democrat Party Now Numbers 45

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 • The Hamas Wing of the Democrat Party Now Numbers 45 Karen Townsend
 • Obama: 'All of Us Are Complicit to Some Degree' in 'Occupation,' Hamas Terror Breitbart
 • Ask Barack Obama why he wants Jews dead Andrea Widburg
 • Confirmed: record number of migrants are on terror watch list Contra (Thanks Obama)
 • Tens of Thousands Attend Pro-Hamas Rally in DC, Shouting “Long Live the Intifada” CTH
 • Biden is Suddenly Interested in Fixing the Border Wall Jazz Shaw
 • Alarums, tocsins, and (over)due diligence Cold Fury
 • Dems, Squad Drawing Primary Challengers Over Hamas Support Jazz Shaw
 • A Rebel with a Cause – Matt Gaetz Delivers Righteous Remarks to Florida GOP CTH


 • The Genocidal Logic of Academic Ideology City Journal
 • Higher Ed: Now it’s Just Loco Clarice Feldman
 • Anatomy of a College Brainwashing: How UCI Makes Students Empathize with Hamas and Hate Israel Dov Fischer

Scandal Central

 • Barbarians: Shocking Video Emerges of Pro-Hamas Protesters Smearing Fake Blood on White House RS
 • London Police Deliver Chilling Message to Counter-Protesters Opposing Pro-Hamas Mobs RS
 • U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon Pauses All Trial Deadlines in Florida Documents Case CTH


 • Finally: Your Handy Hamas vs Israel Moral Equivalency Cheat Sheet Hot Air
 • West Coast, Messed Coast™: Julia Roberts Escapes Doom Loop City – Edition PJ Media
 • New House Speaker hated for his Christian beliefs Eric Utter
 • No, They Aren't Peace Activists, They Are Antisemites David Strom
 • Bill Maher Delivers Terrific Ode to Western Civ While Decimating Liberals Who Support Hamas Nick Arama
 • Obama’s Admin Helped Biden’s Influence Peddling Scheme M Dowling


 • Hamas Terrorists Committing War Crimes By Using Ambulances In Gaza Ryan Saavedra
 • Portugal President to Palestinian Envoy: FAFO Ed Morrissey
 • 'There's Way More of Them Then There Are of Us' Hot Air


 • Ahead Of COP28, Anti-Science Climate Policies Are Collapsing Around The World CCD
 • Tom Cotton Brings the Fire Hot Air
 • Street Crime is Destroying Oakland's Economy Public


 • 'Don't Look Away': Israel Releases Video of Hamas Atrocities at Music Festival RS
 • Sunday Strip: The Cure is Worse Than the Disease Robert W Malone
 • The Week in Pictures: American Kristallnacht Edition Power Line


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"That's a good boy" - Watch Israel Canine take down Hamas Terrorist in a tunnel (Re-Post)

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