Thursday, November 02, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Pushback - Senator JD Vance Blocking DOJ Nominees While Biden DOJ Targets Political Foes

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 • Senator JD Vance Blocking DOJ Nominees While Biden DOJ Targets Political Foes CTH
 • How Obama and Blinken Laid the Groundwork for the Hamas Attack Matt Wolfson
 • Shocker: Obama Sends A Corrupt Iran-Booster To ‘Help’ Israel David Harsanyi
 • Interview with Walter Russell Mead - Are We Tipping into a New World War? Bari Weiss
 • The DNC Con Job to Come John F. Di Leo
 • Geopolitics: Chinese Student Arrested in NY for Vile Death Threats Against Jews CTH
 • How Many Hamas Terrorists Are in the US? Rashida Tlaib Says She Doesn’t Know Daily Signal
 • Another Migrant Caravan of 7,000 and Growing, Heading to U.S. Border CTH
 • Senator Rand Paul Opening Statement During Senate Homeland Security Hearing CTH


 • The Tlaiban Taliban Are Robbing Us Blind David Strom
 • Ted Cruz Rips Biden For Buying Oil From ‘Psychopathic Maniacs Who Want To Murder Us’ DC
 • Chicago’s Solution to Its Failing School System: Stop Grading Schools on Performance FEE

Scandal Central

 • Docs Reveal FBI Questioned Obama DOJ in Hillary Email Probe Fred Lucas
 • Connecticut Judge Throws Out Election Results After “Shocking” Evidence of Democrat Ballot Fraud CTH
 • Trump to Progressive Judge: 'Leave My Children Alone' Sarah Arnold


 • Elon Musk, “The Degree to Which Twitter Was an Arm of the Govt, Was Not Well Understood by the Public” CTH
 • Nightmare on Martha’s Vineyard Unsafe
 • Two separate Halloween incidents captured by doorbell cameras display a stark contrast between cultures Olivia Murray


 • Who Gave Hamas the Cement for Tunnels? The David S. Wyman Institute
 • Israeli forces ‘deep in the Strip, at the gates of Gaza City’ JNS
 • Israeli Air Force jet eliminates Hamas’s anti-tank missile chief JNS
 • Hunter and Joe Shook Down the Chinese. Then Joe Got a Big Check Daniel Greenfield
 • China Joins Hamas, Erases Israel From Map ET
 • Investigation opened after Stars of David found tagged on buildings in Paris EuroNews


 • China’s top spy agency takes swipe at ‘some countries’ trying to disrupt financial system SCMP
 • Under the Sea: Cables and Pipelines Under Attack Beege
 • Ghetto Gavin Newsom: California Could Learn a Lot from China David Strom


 • Jay Bilas - I liked the Bob Knight I knew who died at age 83 ESPN
 • New Snapshots From The Biden White House Album Diogenes
 • From the front lines of the meme war Feral Irishman


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