Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Four Wars

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 • The Four Wars Kunstler
 • Jewish Man's Death Ruled Homicide After Attack At California “Palestinian” Rally John Sexton
 • Biden Demands Gun Control for Israel Jazz Shaw
 • Are ‘MAGA’ Republicans Worse Than Hamas? Many Obama Dems Think So. Jarrett Stepman
 • Videos From Pro-Nazi Rally Where Paul Kessler Was Killed Show The Insanity RS
 • They’re trying to get rid of old Joe. DC
 • CENSURED: House Votes to Rebuke Tlaib Over Antisemitic Remarks RS
 • Insurrection? No, 'passion'! Eric Utter
 • HamaSquad Members Throw Epic Tantrums on Floor of House Over Censuring Tlaib Nick Arama


 • End DEI Now Bari Weiss
 • You Have Paid $4.1 Billion to Support LGBTQ Initiatives in Other Countries Thanks to OBiden RS
 • While 100 universities condemn Hamas, the Ivy League supports the Tlaiban Robert Zimmerman

Scandal Central

 • Cong. Mark Green's Bills Impose Restrictions on Iran and Enhance Israel's Security Stuart J Cvrk
 • House Judiciary Committee Releases Report on Coordinated Government/Educational Online Censorship Jerry Wilson
 • US rep. releases Jan. 6 video images of Capitol Police officer who appears to have lied in court Blaze


 • Ex-Muslim Points Out One Figure That Shreds the False Gaza Genocide Narrative Matt Vespa
 • Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik Dismantles USA Today Over 'Insane' Hit Piece Teri Christoph
 • Trump Pulls Out Paper from His Suit During Testimony, Says It Completely Vindicates Him TFP


 • Netanyahu: No Cease-Fire Except for Hostages -- and We'll Stay in Gaza 'Indefinitely' Ed Morrissey
 • Islam is getting restless at home and abroad, and Obama loves it Leo Hohmann
 • Israel celebrates breaching ground Hamas didn’t foresee as war enters second month LWJ


 • Snapshots Of The Economic Collapse Wilder
 • Simple As That T.L. Davis
 • A Skipism is a Skipism is a Skipism ~ A Woodsterman


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