Saturday, November 04, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Netanyahu Rebukes Obama's Tlaiban: No Pause and No Fuel Until Hostages Released

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 • Netanyahu Rebukes Obama's Tlaiban: No Pause and No Fuel Until Hostages Released Ed Morrissey
 • State Department Employee Accuses Biden of Supporting Genocide David Strom
 • From Guardian to Coward: The Journey of Chuck Schumer PJ Media
 • Can America Stay Safe For Jews? Thaddeus G. McCotter
 • Follow $40,000 From Communist China Directly To Joe Biden’s Bank Account Margot Cleveland
 • Trump Drops Bombshell Evidence About Biden WH, Jack Smith in Classified Docs Case WJ
 • DC Appeals Court Overrules Judge Chutkan Gag Order CTH
 • Knowing They Will Lose At Ballot Box, Soros Leftists Turn To Lawfare To Stop Trump Federalist
 • NY Judge Gags Trump Counsel from Discussing That His Clerk Is Dem Activist Breitbart


 • Biden Focuses on ‘Deploying a Climate Army,’ Republicans Warn Lucy Gilbert
 • Prominent car rental company reneges on promises of an EV fleet citing ‘twice’ the cost Olivia Murray
 • 5 Democratic Mayors Plead With Biden for Help With ‘Asylum Seekers Being Brought to Our Cities’ Virginia Allen

Scandal Central

 • To Give Peace a Chance, Hamas Must Free All Hostages and Surrender Josh Hammer
 • #Fedsurrection: New J6 Footage Shows Ray Epps Stating: ‘We’re Here to Storm the Capitol’ Debra Heine
 • The Democrats’ Non-Citizen Voting Scam ET


 • Elon Rips George Soros: “He Fundamentally Hates Humanity' Yahoo!
 • Demonetized, Angry, and Ready to Tell Big Brother to Get Stuffed Stephen Green
 • Jews Are Turning to Fox News for the First Time David Strom


 • From Hamas to Iran to China: Follow the Money Warren Beatty
 • Hamas Leader Shows Why Israel Can’t Afford to Let the Terrorists Remain in Gaza Tyler O'Neil
 • Grandparents race to rescue family at Israeli kibbutz during Hamas attack 60 Minutes
 • IDF Has No Plans to Enter Hamas' Tunnels, So What Are the Options? John Sexton
 • Nordic Countries Now Cooperating to Deport Illegals David Strom
 • Japan and Philippines to Negotiate Defense Pact (and China Is Not Happy About It) John Sexton


 • Jobama’s A.I. Oligarchs Plan for Our Future — Harness U.S. Government, Team with China, and ‘Break’ Capitalism Marlow
 • Anti-Semitism and the Quran Shari Goodman
 • Next pandemic deemed the 'Big One' could be the most contagious and deadliest disease known Daily Mail


 • Tocqueville, Then and Now City Journal
 • New Michigan Slogan Drops Tlaiban
 • Friday Meme Overflow-Overflow Granite Grok


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