Thursday, November 23, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Whose National Security?

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 • Whose National Security? TL Davis
 • Senate 'Gang of Six' Negotiates Republican Giveaway on Migration Breitbart
 • SF Business Owner: '“I’m just done with San Francisco and the bulls— here' John Sexton
 • Spaniards Aren’t Afraid To Protest, So Why Are American Conservatives? Federalist
 • What to do when the dam breaks CFP
 • Rich Bentley Driver Caused Niagara Falls Explosion After Canceled KISS Concert: Report ZH
 • Home Depot Co-Founder 'Never Been More Frightened for This Country' Leah Barkoukis
 • Why Democrats Want to Sully Thanksgiving Brenda Hafera
 • Be Thankful in Spite of the Chaos Kurt Schlichter


 • Bidenflation Driving More Americans To Food Banks For Thanksgiving Staples ZH
 • Pentagon wants $114 million for ‘diversity, inclusion’ programs AMN
 • Biden Admin Gave $3 Billion Loan to Solar Company Accused of Scamming Elderly WFB

Scandal Central

 • Five Revelations From The House Weaponization Committee Andrew Shirley
 • Jordan Subpoenas Prosecutor Who Allegedly Covered for Hunter Biden as Impeachment Inquiry Heats Up Tyler O'Neil
 • Fani Willis Tells Donald Trump Co-Defendant to 'Shut His Mouth' in Georgia’s Kangaroo Court Newsweek


 • Nikki Haley Wants to Destroy The First Amendment Paul Ingrassia
 • 3 Of The Trans People Eulogized By Biden Admin Died Attacking Innocent Strangers Jordan Boyd
 • CNBC Walks Away From Climate Reporting Brad Slager


 • Can Europe Become Western Again? Victor Davis Hanson
 • Dutch establishment in ‘panic’ as Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party may become largest in Netherlands Remix
 • Mossad Has Been Given Instructions to Hunt Down Hamas Leaders Living in Luxury Katie Pavlich


 • How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them Pro Publica
 • OpenAI staff warned its board about powerful artificial intelligence discovery that could 'threaten humanity' Daily Mail
 • Defendant in Trump Civil Fraud Case Breaks Down on the Stand John Sexton


 • George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation October 3, 1789 Encouraging Angels
 • America and the Fourth Political Theory TL Davis
 • It Just Wouldn't Be Thanksgiving Without WKRP Woodsterman

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