Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Border Patrol Suspends Vehicle Processing: Invasion Emergencies Occurring Elsewhere

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 • Border Patrol Suspends Vehicle Processing: Invasion Emergencies Occurring Elsewhere Karen Townsend
 • The US Has Become Paradise for Criminals David Strom
 • CIA analysts were bribed to lie about COVID origins as Fauci tried to cover up Lab leak Sky News
 • Postwar in Gaza: some educated guesses Robert Zimmerman
 • First American Hostage Released is Related to Buyer of Hunter Biden’s "Art" Marco Polo
 • Women's Groups Silent As Rape Is Used As an Act of War Karen Townsend
 • FBI tells Newsweek that Trump supporters are enemies of the state Hohmann
 • Special Counsel Jack Smith Sought Info On Anyone Who Re-Tweeted Trump Shawn Fleetwood
 • Outlaw Public Sector Unions Edward Ring


 • POTATUS Gets New Pressure to Ix-Nay the Ee-Vays Beege
 • Smearing Capitalism John Stossel
 • The United Nations Wants You to Stop Eating So Much Meat Jeff Charles

Scandal Central

 • CIA Deputy Director Posted Pro-Palestinian Photo on Facebook After 10/7 David Strom
 • US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018, New Documents Show Public
 • Hunter Biden Plays Games With Testimony, James Comer Lays Down the Law and Smacks Raskin RS


 • Politicians Urge Censorship Of The Disasters They Create Shellenberger
 • One Example of How Media Creates Racial Panic David Strom
 • New: Astonishing Number of Black Voters Would Bail on Biden for Trump, Including BLM Leader Nick Arama
 • ‘When it’s Israeli women or Jewish women, they don’t believe it,’ activist says of United Nations JNS
 • The Disgusting Comments About the Employee Gavin Newsom Had an Affair With While SF Mayor Jennifer Van Laar
 • Biden Time: National Christmas Tree Falls Over, Protesters Arrested at Capitol Tree Lighting Nick Arama


 • It Took UN Women This Long to Call Out Hamas for October 7 Attack in a Now-Deleted Post Rebecca Downs
 • Jew-Haters Loathe All Of Western Civilization, Not Just Israel Federalist
 • Son of Hamas founder urges Israel to kill his father if hostages not freed JNS


 • Big Pharma and Big Government link up for a Winter 'Tripledemic' sales spree Jordan Schachtel
 • About That 'Mysterious' Pneumonia Outbreak in China... David Strom
 • Legal Battle Ignites Over Parental Rights and Gender Identity in Arizona's Largest School District Jeff Charles


 • A Generational Challenge that Begins at Home CTH
 • Example #587 of How We Are Being Gaslit by the Arbiters of Truth Diogenes
 • It's Wednesday ..... It's Skipisms ~ A Woodsterman

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