Sunday, November 26, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Curious Case of Rob Malley, Obama’s Iranian Agent

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 • The Curious Case of Rob Malley, Obama’s Iranian Agent Peter Schweizer
 • Manipulating with Lies and Manufactured Sob Stories Clarice Feldman
 • Pro-Israel teacher hides as ‘radicalized’ students riot: ‘They want her fired’ Post
 • You Won't Believe How Much the Northern Border Saw In Illegal Crossings Sarah Arnold
 • As Hamas Plays Games With American Lives, Biden Goes Shopping Katie Pavlich
 • The UN's rot laid bare in Israel-Hamas war Washington Examiner
 • Is the House GOP's Border Strategy Working? Jazz Shaw
 • Trump alleges 'cheating' in Wisconsin redistricting case: 'Republicans must do something' Reese Gorman
 • Tourist blasts SF’s Tenderloin district as 'most depressing place I've ever seen' Daily Mail


 • Coming Soon: Your Travel Will Be Restricted By Personal Carbon Allowances Bombthrower
 • The new plan to create a stock market portfolio for every child in America CNBC
 • ESG Grift Endgame: Deutsche CIO Now Says Oil Companies Have A Place In ESG Funds ZH

Scandal Central

 • Wait, The FBI Had 40 Confidential Informants Tracking the Biden Family's Shady Deeds? Matt Vespa
 • Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Caught on Hidden Camera Admitting January 6 Was a Hoax Ben Bartee
 • RFK Jr. blows the lid off Bill Gates’ little philanthropy “money-making plot”… Revolver


 • A Primer for the Perplexed: The Nine Big Lies Against Israel and What They Really Mean Gil Troy
 • Steve Bannon Launches Epic Rant Against General Milley's 'Treason' Neil W. McCabe
 • Business Insider Criticized for Trying to Normalize the Death of Trump Sarah Arnold


 • Expert: Obama Deal That Helped Put Hamas Office in Qatar Coming Back to Bite Us Nick Arama
 • Silence from groups like the Red Cross about Hamas’s use of hospitals for terror is a stain on Switzerland NY Sun
 • What the Terrorists Imprisoned in Israel Did After Being Released Is Eye-Opening Jeff Charles
 • The Fighting in Israel Moves to the West Bank Jazz Shaw
 • Hi, UN, I Have Some War Crimes to Report Katie Pavlich
 • The Battle In Ukraine Reflects A Tone Of 1953 James Holmes


 • Exposed: Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein's Global Health Collaboration Breitbart
 • The Universe Isn't Living Up to Our Science Fiction Expectations John Sexton
 • Wyoming Rancher Discovers Rare Cache Of 50 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Fish Cowboy State Daily


 • Comedian Jim Breuer Roasts Derangement Over Trump, and You Know He's Getting Canceled RS
 • Even Though Unparalleled Deeds Offend Today, Great Men Did Shift History Elad Vaida
 • Sunday Strip: Death, Taxes, and Gun Control Robert W Malone

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