Monday, September 17, 2007

Can you tell I'm sick of the OJ coverage?

Scene: a hotel room in Washington.

Don't let nobody out this room. Mother******s! Think you can steal that s***?

No. I didn't think that.

Don't let nobody out of here. Mother******, you really think you can steal that s***?

Uh. I said no. By the way, don't shoot.

You tapin' this? Uh... uh.... I don't have any gun. But get your back to the wall!

Stop waving the gun around. Bill took the money.

I know f***ing Bill took it. I always thought you were a straight shooter.

I'm cool. I am. Alright, I give. Check Bill's bag. The $850K is in there.

Thanks, OJ, you're a real pal.

Shut the hell up, Hsu, and give me that damn money!

What? You're ripping me off, too? Dammit, I knew I couldn't trust anyone in DC!

Hahahahahaha! Hsu, you are so 1992! Did someone sell you the rights to the Lincoln Memorial when you were walking over here?

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