Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How did a wanted fugitive get so close to the Clintons?

How did a fugitive cozy up to powerful Democrats who are under Secret Service protection? That's the question Michelle Malkin is asking.

A law-enforcement source tells Michelle that the Clintons' favorite fundraiser, Norman Hsu, should have been instantly identified as a fugitive by the Secret Service. Unless, of course, they were asked not to.

Hsu as a key Dem fundraiser had access to VIP among the Dem party like the Clintons. Both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are protected by the Secret Service. SOP for law enforcement protection details is to check the criminal background of those who might come in contact with the protectees.

As you probably are already aware, it is well known that usually the Secret Service asks for, at a minimum, full legal name, DOB and SSN of those who get anywhere near/attend events with, SS protectees, so they can run a record check. (FYI the Secret Service record check is, ‘unofficially’, considered one of the most extensive that can be done by US law enforcement.)

So if the Secret Service knew for years that Hsu was a wanted FUGITIVE why did they:

1. Not do anything?

2. Allow him anywhere near any important (high value) targets like either of the Clintons?

Alternatively, if the SS did not do its basic ‘due diligence’ check then the questions are even more pointed:

1. Why not? Who ordered them not to do it, and why? (What did the Clinton’s know and when did they know it?)

2. Was the Clinton (and by extension, the Democrat) fund-raising machine so focused on money that they would violate basic security protocol... letting a wanted, fugitive, felon (of questionable background — from part of the world where their are many hostile to US governmental interests) get into the “inner circle” simply because of the cash?

Well, Bill Clinton is still the only president to have irretrievably lost the nuclear launch codes all CINCs are required to carry. And he didn't seem to have any problem ensuring that sensitive missile technology could slither to the Chinese Military in return for the requisite campaign donations.

Pity the mainstream media only gets excited about OJ and Britney.

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