Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don't tell the Clintons about China's slavery problems

Each year, the Bush administration has admirably called attention to modern-day slavery. A million -- yes, "progressives," that's a million -- or more men, women, and children live this very day in slavery. The Midnight Sun points us to a story that recently disappeared from the "Internets": China's systematic abuse of slaves in support of its economic expansion.

The People’s Republic of China has got to be the shame of socialist/Communist/Leftist ideologues everywhere but this latest story to emerge from the hellhole takes the cake. It’s a story of slavery, of 1000 children (many abducted from their parents) and mentally impaired adults amongst the vast numbers. Stories have emerged of at least one of the ’slaves’ who was beaten to death, while others have been burned, maimed and subjected to other inhuman treatment.

The plight of these slaves was ignored by police, local Government, trade unions and the Communist Party officials who were told. Finally a journalist went and secretly investigated, filming the horrors there and the whistle was blown. President Hu Jintao, no doubt embarrassed by the media attention, ordered a token inspection and named a few scapegoat brick work bosses. However, the story has been removed from the website it was hosted on and this journalist has now been silenced and refuses to comment.

Time Magazine has more information about countries recently added to the US Human Trafficking Blacklist.

Rest assured that you'll never hear a peep about China's slavery problems from most of the "progressives." Folks like the Clintons have certain ties -- names like Hsu, Riady, the Lippo Group, Huang, and Chung come to mind -- that preclude Hillary speaking from her mind.

Because if she did, certain -- er -- funding streams might dry up.

Hat tip: the Astute Bloggers

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