Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hitler at Columbia

A few days ago, I created a poster mocking Columbia for its willingness to host genocidal madman Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

I included the names of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot as other members of a "distinguished speakers series" consisting of mass-murderers; leaders of despotic regimes responsible for the deaths of scores of millions of innocents.

Problem was, no one told Columbia University about the parody. Interviewed on Fox News, the institution's Dean of International and Public Affairs -- John Coatsworth -- asserted that he'd be delighted to host Hitler.

I wonder why we haven't heard anything from authors like Elie Wiesel or Allan Dershowitz in response. Or, for that matter, frequent Fox contributor Benjamin Netanyahu. It would be interesting to get their perspectives on Columbia's willingness to provide public relations support for genocidal maniacs. And their shocking refusal to allow the ROTC to speak on campus.

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