Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why did Canada's member of parliament cross the road?

Answer: To get to the better health-care on the U.S. side.

Canada's CTV reports (hat tip: Texas Rainmaker):

Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, who is battling breast cancer, travelled to California last June for an operation that was recommended as part of her treatment, says a report... Stronach's spokesman, Greg MacEachern, told the Toronto Star that the MP for Newmarket-Aurora had a "later-stage" operation in the U.S. after a Toronto doctor referred her.

...He said speed was not the reason why she went to California.... Instead, MacEachern said the decision was made because the U.S. hospital was the best place to have it done due to the type of surgery required...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Stronach, who faces a grave medical crisis.

But the lesson learned is a simple one. As in the UK, it appears government elites often opt out of the public health-care system in order to pursue private health-care solutions. Advocates of HillaryCare v2.0 would do well to ruminate on that fact --- long and hard.

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