Friday, September 21, 2007

Hillary in Deep Hsit

The walls around Castle Hillary are crumbling. The blogosphere is slowly unwinding the back-story of the inscrutable Mr. Norman Hsu. Suitably Flip has the details -- and they are flat-out startling (hat tips: Anchoress and Larwyn).

If there's one thing that can be said about Clinton financial scandals, it's that they tend to be complex. And thus far, the Norman Hsu debacle is living up to the archetype... The mystery of Hsu's [choice of candidates] is a vexing one. Enlightenment, however, appears to be tucked away in a single transaction listed in a NYC Campaign Finance Board disclosure... [it's] peculiar. As an A-list Democratic fundraiser, Hsu is typically the bundler in these transactions, not the bundlee. So what gives?

Lillian Vernon is a trinket catalog company... founded by Lillian Hochberg in Mount Vernon, NY (clever, eh?) in 1951. Lillian's son Fred is the current CEO and his brother David is an executive at the company... If you run a search for Fred Hochberg's own federal political contributions, the telltale Hsu pattern once again emerges.

...Fred Hochberg... [is] a fellow HillRaiser... Hochberg is also a dean at the New School, where Hsu was a trustee until this scandal broke last month and the school hurriedly removed his name from their website. Also on the New School board is Bernard Schwartz, one of Bill Clinton's biggest financial backers and the central figure in Clinton's scandal involving the sale of missile technology to China.

And the lily gilder: Fred Hochberg was a member of President Clinton's Cabinet.

Read it all, folks. Hsu's links to China, ICBM technology, and Bill Clinton's scandal-ridden administration are still a bit fuzzy, but they are starting to come into focus.

The dirty money flowing to the Democratic Party from Hsu alone is about to surpass that of the Abramoff scandal. Somehow I don't think we'll see the same sort of coverage in the mainstream media.

But facts are facts and it's clear Hillary's campaign is beginning to crumble like a stale cracker.

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