Friday, September 14, 2007

Is Kent State home to a Professor of Jihad?

Did Kent State "Professor" Julio Pino send the following email to journalist Mike Adams on -- you guessed it -- September 11, 2007?

...I received an email from someone claiming to be Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University. Pino is a Muslim extremist who advocates the mass murder of Jews while drawing a paycheck from the hard-working people of the great state of Ohio... The most memorable portions of the disturbing email are reproduced below:

"O, Slaves of Zion and Amerika, Arise! The shaheed (martyr) who yearns to die, and has prayed for this moment all his life, has come to rescue you! ...The shaheed, May God Be Pleased with Him, is not only the perfect soldier, but the perfect Muslim. All of life is preparation, and striving for, martyrdom.”

“...(T)he Muslim knows no continents, regions, nations or tribes but acknowledges the existence of only two groups of human beings; men of faith—-his Brothers—-and the kaaffir (unbelievers and apostates), those ungrateful and rebellious beings that, like Satan himself, opted for disobedience. With the latter no compromise is possible or permissible, by Islamic principles.”

“...The martyr has no time for peace; no time to be cynical, or pessimistic... (There is none worthy of worship but Allah) must be on his dying lips that he may enter Paradise. Not by chance did Mohammed Atta’s ‘Instructions for the Final Night’ counsel him [sic] make these his last words before crashing into the World Trade Center. Amen...”

Pino has a checkered history. If he authored this fascist tripe, Ohio taxpayers are certain to entertain funding reprisals against Kent State someday soon.

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