Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hillary outsources her questions for General Petraeus

Check out this photo of Hillary Clinton from today's testimony by General David Petraeus (hat tip: Yahoo News and Jason Reed of Reuters). Shockingly, I didn't Photoshop it.

You can click to zoom it. A few of the legible notes:

* Any ideas about... questions? --- hmmm, that's a bit disturbing. Hillary appears to be soliciting questions because she doesn't have "any ideas" about what to ask. For Democrats who accused General Petraeus of simply mouthing the President's talking points, this is a tad ironic, no? Outsourcing a strategic discussion on a global war seems a skosh vacuous for a presidential candidate, but -- then again -- she is a Democrat.

* Good bites -- i.e., good sound-bites. But I suppose the Clintons have never worried about constructive questions or advice, just sound-bites and triangulation.

Now that I think about, this note isn't at all surprising. When I think "Hillary Clinton," I really do think: "no ideas and sound-bites."

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