Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Larry Craig: what a difference the letter after the name makes!

Commenting on the Larry Craig incident, EIB knocks it out of park:

The left in this country, folks, has made it a point to go after the hypocrisy of conservatives and Republicans, not... the behavior. If they go after the behavior, they have to condemn the behavior on their side of the aisle. The whole point of the left is to have no standards, because if you have no standards, you can't be held to any standards...

...if Larry Craig had been a Democrat and liberal, there would be no supposed hypocrisy because Democrats and liberals have no moral standards. If he would have changed parties, why, he'd be in great shape today... This is the logic of the left, and it's studied and it is purposeful. They need this position to defend the reprobates amongst themselves. I don't need to name the reprobates. Why do they defend felons? Why are they trying to get felons the right to vote again?

...If you support the left's agenda then you get away with anything and they will not condemn you. We saw this in the Clinton administration, folks. You had Bill Clinton accused of rape. He was accused of sexual abuse in the oval orifice, all these other things, and the left-wing so-called women's groups are either silent or found ways to defend him...

...You've got Barney Frank; you've got Gerry Studds; you've got Harry Reid; you've got Dianne Feinstein in an area that wasn't even looked into about steering money from her committee in the Senate to businesses that her husband benefits from. Not to mention Leahy, who leaked when he was on the intelligence committee and was forced to resign. If anyone ever convicted of any crime should resign from the Senate, why is Ted Kennedy still there?

Valid questions.

Heck, if Ted Kennedy had just driven a Hydra Spyder, he'd probably have been elected president by now.

Craig illustration credit: EIB

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