Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sandy Berger to host 9/11 Special Investigation

Michelle Malkin and Age of Hooper feature an eclectic photo gallery from the Washington DC anti-war protest, which was met by a counter-protest. Led by Gathering of Eagles, many vets and citizens formed a protective ring around the Vietnam War Memorial, which had been defaced a few days earlier by anti-war crowds.

Among the Democratic Party's anti-war base: Communists, puppets, moonbats, Sesame Street characters, anti-Semites, and -- the Leftists' new best friends -- 9/11 troofers. The troofers represent the 42% of Democrats who think the U.S. Government instigated 9/11 or had advance knowledge of it and allowed the attacks to occur. I'm serious.

This demographic appears to be such a large chunk of the Democratic base that a new cable TV station is up and running. It was funded by Al Gore, I think, with proceeds from his carbon offset business.

Anyhow, former Clinton National Security Adviser (and current Hillary Clinton security adviser) Sandy Berger is hosting a new exposé on 9/11.

Those whistling sounds you hear are FDR, JFK, and Truman spinning in their graves.

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