Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The One Minute Tyrant

Fausta alerts us to Hugo Chavez' proposal for a new Venezuelan constitution that effectively makes him "president for life."

The results thus far ain't promising:

...Venezuela's currency plummets and the public faces food shortages.
The official inflation rate 1.1 percent in August from the previous month.
The currency will be "relaunched" (hugospeak for "devalued") next year.
If anyone doesn't like the revamped constitution after Hugo's done revamping it, he's calling for the population to carry out a national mobilization to support his Constitutional Reform Project (and let's not forget those import 5,000 Russian sniper rifles to arm guerrillas in the event of an American invasion).
Hugo's got plans to build a set of artificial island-cities, intended to demarcate Venezuela's sovereignty in the Caribbean.

And Ahmadinejad's going to visit next month.

Small wonder people are turning their cars into personal armored vehicles...

Using my patented Doug-o-matic image enhancement software, I've discovered what Chavez is really reading:

Well, at least he's learned how to read.

Hat tip: Larwyn

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