Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Newsday exposes Chuck Schumer to the light of day

Newsday's Michael Amon and Ridgely Ochs provide new insights into the Democrats' "culture of corruption". The article -- Did a nursing home company buy Schumer's help? -- flips on the light-switch in a roach-infested pantry: a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Faced with a crisis over complaints about its treatment of Filipino nurses, Long Island nursing home group SentosaCare turned for help last year to a friendly politician it had supported in the past -- Sen. Charles Schumer.

The Democratic senator then wrote four letters over the course of two months to Philippine government officials, including [the] President... [whose] former chief of staff said the Schumer letters were unprecedented.

Shortly after two Schumer letters sent the same day, the Philippine government lifted the suspension. SentosaCare's Filipino recruitment pipeline was back in business. Over the next two months, a national campaign fund headed by Schumer received nearly $75,000 from investors, attorneys and vendors for SentosaCare-affiliated nursing homes.

...In the last decade, [SentosaCare's] executives, investors and subcontractors have donated more than $750,000 to political campaign funds for both major parties. Nearly $198,000 of the largesse went to Schumer's re-election campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee -- led by Schumer...

...Schumer's actions struck at least one expert in campaign finance as unusual... On June 27, 2006, a letter from Schumer's office went to the Philippines' president... SentosaCare's investors, lawyers and business partners had given generously in the past...

After the letters, they wrote more and bigger checks... On four separate days over the next three weeks, the SentosaCare group would write to the campaign committee 26 checks totalling $74,480.

If Nancy Pelosi wants to "drain the swamp," she'll start with Schumer and John "unindicted co-conspirator" Murtha.

Newsday: Did a nursing home company buy Schumer's help?

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