Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Believe in global warming? $125K is up for grabs...

Have a favorite liberal progressive who still believes in the myth of anthropogenic global warming? Send 'em this offer.

The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge announced today that it raised to $125,000 the cash award to the first person to prove in a scientific manner that human emissions of greenhouse gases will cause catastrophic global climate change...

"Surprisingly no one has entered the contest yet," said Steven Milloy, founder and publisher of and the sponsor of the Ultimate Global Warming Challenge. "I'm surprised since Al Gore, the United Nations and the mainstream media all seem to think that the notion of man made catastrophic global warming is a no-brainer," Milloy added.

The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge was launched on Aug. 7, 2007 with the popular and highly rated YouTube video entitled, "Can You Save Al Gore?"

"It appears that [the prize] is not enough to spur Al Gore and other climate alarmists to submit their proofs that humans are causing global warming," explained Milloy. "If it's a matter of money, Al Gore and the alarmists should just come out and tell us what sum it will cost the rest of us to see what proof they have..."

$125K probably isn't enough to fund Al Gore's private jet for a month. The carbon offset business is far too lucrative to risk over a measly $125K.

Update: Real scientists object to the AP's hysterical posturing on climate change.

Update II: "Dr. James Hansen, who approves and issues NASA climate change statements and is one of the most alarmist global warming advocates in the US, is apparently deep in the pocket of George Soros."

Hat tip: The Astute Bloggers

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