Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is the New School a conduit between China and the Clintons?

Possibly. At minimum, it's a bizarre tit-for-tat as funds go to the New School and board-members/trustees of the school send funds to Hillary. Consider these intriguing discoveries:

1) The New School -- a famously progressive, anti-war institution -- is quietly engaged in sensitive work for the DOD thanks to -- apparently -- Bob Kerrey's stewardship and possibly Hillary Clinton's direction

2) The New School also has deep ties to Bernard Schwartz, former head of Loral, who allegedly instigated donations by the Chinese military to the DNC in exchange for the right to access sensitive missile technologies

3) The New School reserved a prestigious post for Norman Hsu, Hillary Clinton's fundraiser extraordinaire-cum-fugitive (also a Chinese national), possibly at Schwartz's request

4) The New School has another deep connection to China through its ICI arm (the India-China Institute)

4) The New School has at least eight large donation bundlers (Hillraisers) in various board-level or trusteeship positions; these are folks who have each funneled $100,000 or more to Hillary

5) Hillary has sent her own pork-barrel contracts to the New School (e.g., a $1 million federal grant)

To summarize, a fugitive, bankrupt Chinese national -- connected to Bernard Schwartz, who played a role in the release of national security secrets working with the Chinese government -- somehow acquires huge wealth and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to the leading Democratic candidates... along with several other folks at the New School.

Over at Daily Kos, commenter Golem666 comments:

...Bernard L. Schwartz, who worked for the Chinese shell company that the Clintons gave the ballistic missile technology [for] Bill Clinton's re-election, put Norman Hsu on the Board of Trustees of the New School in NY.

Hillary Clinton ear-marked 750,000 dollars to the New School recently as a pork barrel project.

Bernard L. Schwartz taught the Communist Chinese party how to build ICBM's which could make it out of the lower atmosphere.

This was one of the main reasons that China was able to destroy a satellite in space this year, touching of fears of a new arms race in space...

This is disturbing stuff.

Why does the New School appear to be both a beneficiary and a source of funds to Hillary? Given Hsu, Schwartz, and the tarnished history of the Clinton administration, is China's government linked somehow? If so, what is China getting in return -- besides access to a presidential front-runner? And why is the notoriously progressive, anti-war New School working for the DOD?

Also: the New School has a direct affiliation with China and India through its "India-China Institute".

My question is... is the New School a more clever cutout for China/Clinton linkages than Johnny Chung and the Lippo Group?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Hat tip: Larwyn

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