Sunday, February 10, 2008


The Democratic nomination will likely come down to the votes of the 796 "superdelegates". These special delegates, created in '82 to give party insiders more influence in the nomination, are worth twice as much as the entire state of California. And the Clinton machine appears to have more business ties to the superdelegates than does Barack Obama.

...some party leaders worried that the situation could lend the appearance that the nominee will be selected by insiders rather than by rank-and-file voters... That appearance is not helped by the fact that so many superdelegates have clear allegiances. Bill Clinton, for instance, is a superdelegate by virtue of his tenure as president, as are Clinton campaign chairman Terence R. McAuliffe and longtime Clinton ally Harold Ickes...

I'm imagining what the Democratic Convention might look like...

(Wind and thunder echoes in the background) 796

Sir... riders from the Clinton camp are approaching...

Ickes... McCauliffe... and... Bill Clinton himself!?!

How about a VP slot for you, my friend? You know you can't stop the onslaught! The Clinton machine always wins!

You're asking me to play third fiddle to the "co-presidents" for eight years? What if I want to be the president?

What you speak of is madness! Can't we all just get along?

This... is... Obama!!!

First... "black president"... my ass!

Hillary's forces approach. Gather our soldiers and hide the women and children.

Sir! They have unleashed the archers! Their arrows blot out the sky!

Raise shields!

We have survived the onslaught!! Obamans, attack!

Kill them all!


Sir, we have vanquished the cadre of attackers!

Prepare for the next wave!

Sir... their darkest forces now approach... the most dangerous that the Clintons possess!

No!! Not Begala and Carville! The most powerful enemies of all! Clinton backers disguised as mainstream media...

This is truly the end. We have no way to compete! Tonight... we dine... in hell!

Go tell the Democrats, stranger passing by: that here, obedient to their nomination process, we lie.

796. Resistance is futile.

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