Sunday, February 24, 2008

The more things change, the more things stay the same (Civil War Edition)

In 1909, William Shepard Walsh published a retrospective of political cartoons, comments and poems revolving around Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. In reading through it, I was struck by the similarities between that era's media, Democrats and purported Allies compared with today's war against the scourge of nuclear terrorism.

The New York Press concocts defeat from victory.

Mrs. North and her Attorney (Mrs. North represents the Copperhead Democrats who favored ending the war and allowing the South to form its own country, which would allow slavery to continue): Mrs. North - "You see, Mr. Lincoln, we have failed utterly in our course of action; I want peace and so, if you cannot effect an amicable arrangement, I must put the case into other hands."

Nay-saying "allies" as Brittania consoles Columbia: "Ah, my dear... it's all very well; but I'm afraid you'll find it difficult to join that neatly."

When the tide finally turns, the Federal Phoenix is depicted as rising from the ashes, though trampling on Habeas Corpus, the Constitution, and the free press.

All of this sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it?

The Left in this country never seems to catch on to their losing strategies. You'd think that 144 years of egregious errors would have taught them a lesson.

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