Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Iran contemplating new punishments for Barack Obama

Joseph Grieboski reports on the latest doings in Iran's legislative branch. Put simply, the "crime" of apostasy may soon warrant the death penalty in Iran. Furthermore, the "crime" can take place outside the country of Iran, which expands the definition of the word fugitive.

The Iranian Parliament is reviewing a draft penal code that for the first time in Iranian history legislates the death penalty for apostasy...

Article 112 examines the extraterritorial application of the norms of the code, by extending its jurisdiction over actions that take place outside the country... Article 112-3-1 refers to actions "against the government, the independence and the internal and external security of the country." Security as a term is not defined in the law, thereby making any action qualified as such. Consequently, groups considered dangerous to the regime all over the world can be liable for actions taken outside Iran that are considered as contrary to the security of the country.

Article 225-1: Any Muslim who clearly announces that he/she has left Islam and declares blasphemy is an Apostate...

Article 225-3: There are two kinds of apostates: innate (Fetri) and parental (Melli).

Article 225-4: Innate Apostate is someone whose parent (at least one) was a Muslim at the time of conception, and who declares him/herself a Muslim after the age of maturity, and leaves Islam afterwards.

Article 225-5: Parental Apostate is one whose parents (both) had been non-Muslims at the time of conception, and who has become a Muslim after the age of maturity, and later leaves Islam and returns to blasphemy.

Article 225-6: If someone has at least one Muslim parent at the time of conception but after the age of maturity, without pretending to be a Muslim, chooses blasphemy is considered a Parental Apostate.

Article 225-7: Punishment for an Innate Apostate is death.

Article 225-8: Punishment for a Parental Apostate is death, but after the final sentencing for three days he/she would be guided to the right path and encouraged to recant his/her belief and if he/she refused, the death penalty would be carried out.

Article 225-11: Whoever claims to be a Prophet is sentenced to death, and any Muslim who invents a heresy in the religion and creates a sect based on that which is contrary to the obligations and necessities of Islam, is considered an apostate.

Article 225-12: Any Muslim who deals with witchcraft and promotes it as a profession or sect in the community is sentenced to death.

Article 225-13: Assistance to the crimes in this chapter, in case there is no other punishment assigned to it by law, is punishable by up to 74 lashes in proportion with the crime and the criminal.


I'm just trying to figure out which kind of apostate Barack Obama qualifies as.

Update: here's one of the cutest apostates in the blogosphere.

Update II: Two Iranian sisters face being stoned to death after Iran's supreme court upheld death sentences against them. The two sisters were found guilty of adultery after a video was presented that showed them in the company of other men. Mega-enlightened!

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