Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Larwyn's links: the Jimmy Carter platform returns

Obama's Communist Mentor. Listening to Obama's victory speech last night was a little like a flashback to a Pravda editorial, circa 1978. I'd call Obama's vision the nanny state, but a nanny for every citizen is a lot less expensive. At Commentary Magazine, Abe Greenwald lists some of Obama's negatives: Plagiarism, broken promises, questionable advisors, an extreme liberal voting record, and classic socialist economic policies. Can you say "wealth redistribution"?

The Canadian High Commissioner of Thought Crimes who interrogated Ezra Levant has resigned. Perhaps there's an opening at the BMV; she certainly has the requisite intelligence and personality.

• Pamela went to a newsstand at the airport and had a difficult time determining who the media was rooting for.

What did Michelle Obama really say? The Dread Pundit Bluto reports it was doubly shameful.

• In Britain, big welfare cuts are on the way (if you're not British). Wait... a... second... that gives me an idea!

• No, he's not suffering from a brain-crippling fever. Gaius has good reason to quote Michael Medved. Hey! I'm serious here!

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