Friday, February 15, 2008

Caution: Congress at Work

Mr. Clemens, you say that Mr. McNamee never injected you with steroids.

No sir, Representative Waxman, he did not.

And you say that Mr. McNamee never injected you with HGH.

That's correct, sir.

Did he ever inject you with any substance?

Yes sir, he injected me with Vitamin B-12 shots.

In the tucchus?

Yes, in my hiney. But, sir, could I ask --

Yes, Mr. Clemens?

Didn't I read in the Post today that the Protect America Act is expiring? You know, the one that caught the terrorists calling into the U.S. before they were able to set off a chemical weapons attack?

Yes, Mr. Clemens, that's accurate, but what --

Plus, aren't the first baby boomers starting to retire about now? The ones that are going to bankrupt Social Security if some fundamental changes aren't made?

Correct, but I fail to see --

And isn't it true that Medicare is also a massive, unfunded liability that requires quick action on the part of Congress?

Uhm, why, yes, that's true. But what's your point?

Oh, nothing. Sorry to take us off-topic.

No worries. Now, when Mr. McNamee injected you in the tucchus, was it in your left butt-cheek or right butt-cheek?

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