Sunday, February 03, 2008

Romney Resurgent


Gateway Pundit has the latest Romney news.

Mitt now leads in California, a closed (Republican-only) primary. McCain won't benefit from the gift of Democrats voting in the Republican primary that he received in the open primaries.

Need a refresher on the McCain list of infamy? DailyPundit has the must-read list.

Romney has the line o' the day, commenting on Hillary's proposal to freeze mortgage rates: I don't know if that even goes on in Russia today! On McCain: John McCain is called a maverick by himself and others. But, he's a maverick because he's gone against his own party..

Republicans now realize the race is down to McCain and Romney, and therefore the choice is... obvious. Mark Steyn agrees:

The Clintons are nothing if not lucky, and Hillary must occasionally be enjoying a luxury-length cackle at the thought of being pitted against a 71-year-old "maverick" whose record seems designed to antagonize just enough of the base into staying home on Election Day. In the 2000 campaign season, running in a desultory fashion for the New York Senate seat, Rudy Giuliani waged a brief half-hearted campaign just long enough to leave the Republican Party with no one to run against Hillary except a candidate who wasn't up to the job... Has he managed to do the same this time round?

Vote Mitt Romney.

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