Sunday, April 03, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Memo to Hill GOP -- It's time to face your giants

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Memo to Hill GOP: It's time to face your giants: Tapscott
Can the House “deem” a bill into law?: Hot Air
West: I'm Sick of People Demonizing the Tea Party: TRS

Gunrunner update -- Issa subpoenas the stonewallers: Malkin
BOOM! Bachmann beats Romney in Q1 fundraising: AnBlkCon
Reid Still Obsessing Over Tea Party He Says is Irrelevant: Malkin

April 20th: Enviro-Marxists Plan on Civil Disobedience: Exam
List of Obamacare Waivers Grows By 128 in March: HAP
Refusenik Dem Says Fleeing WI Like Being In Combat: GM


Tea Party Leader: Scott Brown Threw Us 'Under The Bus': HAP
Memo to the US senate Pass Something: DTG
Barnett: Making a case vs. Obama’s health care law: Globe

Blacks flee liberal Utopia of Detroit: RWN
The Inequity of the Progressive Income Tax: Hoover
Issa set to grill postmaster general over losses, union contract: Hill

Climate & Energy

The Quickest Way to ‘Green’ Government? Cut its Size: Malkin (Powers)
The fight for lower gas prices starts at home: Vitter
Record Cold May Cause More Global Warming in England: GWP


You can tell a lot about a person by what they bold when quoting: DTG
CNN shills for Islam and false concept of Islamophobia: Creeping
The Left Finds a Way to Display Their Hate For Palin & Jesus in One Exhibit: GWP

New York Times Food Critic Confirms He's a Socialist Douchebag: MRC
Marxist Columbia Prof, Obama Backer, Died Just Before New Book is Published: TAB
Your Headline o' the Day: Wizbang

Life Imitating Art?: Power Line
Rand Paul's Amendment Causes Reid To Adjourn Senate: Ace
America's Marxist Media: PJM


Mark Steyn: If there's no mission, when's it accomplished?: Steyn
Judge Richard Goldstone’s Stunning Re-evaluation of His Own Report: Radosh
Why Veena Malik’s Smackdown of an Egyptian Mullah was a Seminal Moment for Feminism: Greenroom

2010 Flashback: US Apologizes for Criticizing Gaddafi after he called for "Jihad": PunPre
FL Pastor Terry Jones’s Encore: A Trial for the Prophet Muhammad: Greenroom
Oops! Obama's "Epic" Fail in Naming "Kinetic Military Action" an "Odyssey": Cobb

Former Gitmo Detainee Helps Lead Libyan Rebels: EOF
Among Kenya's Exploding Jewish Population: Instapundit
Ivory Coast: aid workers find 1,000 bodies in Duekoue: Telegraph


Why Microsoft had to make Windows the center of its tablet strategy, even if it kills them: Insider
Instagram 'is a new entertainment platform': TechCrunch
Japanese Mayor, Disgusted With The Government's Crisis Response, Appeals to World for Help: ZH


HOLY CRAP: The Roof Blew Off My Southwest Plane At 36,000 Feet!: Insider
The 11 Guys You'll Always Find Playing Pickup Basketball: Josh Sneed
Family dog kept watch over missing 2-year-old overnight: WISTV

Budget Busters: MOTUS
Joe Vega: Kicking, Singing, Running, Racing Through Retirement : ChiHeights
Next Best Thing to a Cruise: BrutHon

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QOTD: Marxism didn’t work so the Left called it Communism

Communism didn’t work so the Left called it Nazism

Nazism didn’t work so the Left called it Fascism

Fascism didn’t work so the Left called it Stalinism

Stalinism didn’t work so the Left called it Collectivism

Collectivism didn’t work so the Left called it Socialism

Socialism didn’t work so the Left called it Progressivism

Progressivism won’t work so what will the Left call it when it also fails miserably?
--Commenter Galt2009


The_Bad said...

"...Progressivism won’t work so what will the Left call it when it also fails miserably?"


Anonymous said...

Obamaism---it'll work once WE give it a try