Sunday, April 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Palin to Obama: You ignored us in 2010, but won't in 2012!

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Palin to Obama: You ignored us in 2010, but won't in 2012!: TRS
Scott Walker Won't Be Recalled, Will Be A Top VP Contender: LegalIns
The Importance Of Donald Trump To GOP Politics: Riehl

Obama: I voted as a Senator to help my career, not the country: AT
Loser Charlie Crist Supporting Allen West's Opponent: WZ
From Evil War Criminal to Democratic Hope: Instapundit

Palin to union members: Walker is saving your jobs!: Cubachi
Rubio blasts Obama at Tea Party rally: Cubachi
Palin in Madison: Veni, Vidi, Vici: Pethokoukis


Damning Documents Found: Stimulus-funded Gunrunner Project: GWP
A Modern Fairy Tale: Fat in Indiana
My Challenge to Liberals: RightSphere

Preference Cascades and Forbidden Thoughts: Ace
The Anti-Reagan: PJM
GM's new cars: burning up, falling apart, recalled: Uncov

Tax Day Tea Party Protests

New York City Tax Day Tea Party 2011: UrbInf
Tax Day Rallies in Mission Viejo and Oceanside — Stop Spending Money!: AmPower
Welcome to the Tampa Tax Day Tea Party! : Tackett

Climate & Energy

Energy: A Tale of Two Narratives: AT
Can “Extreme Weather” Cause Tectonic Movement?: RWN
April snowstorm closes Interstate-70. Who knew Al Gore was visiting Kansas?: Wolf


Republican Says Obama2011™ Signing Statement Not Constitutional; Obama2008™ Agrees: Malkin
Obama's Speech Was Meant to Reassure the Left: Cost
Hey Anna Wintour! Great Timing on That Mrs. Assad Profile: Manolo

Obama in Leaked Audio: 'Just Try to Repeal ObamaCare,' I Dare You: PunditP
Counter-Counter-Revolutionaries in Wisconsin: Instapundit
“Inappropriate and Denigrating”: RWN

Mark Levin on Why Trump Is the Worst Candidate Ever: Patterico
Best Sentence CXI: RWN
Allen West raises an impressive amount in the first quarter: Cubachi


'We Will Conquer The Netherlands': GoV
The Insurrection Is On, But the Masochists are Running the Government: Ledeen
The Fruits of Baathism and Arab Nationalism: JOdysseus

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Defends Ties to Syria & Iran – Tells Guerillas to Be Prepared to Invade Israel: GWP
Top GOP Rep: if Palestinians Use UN to Declare Statehood US Aid to Both Could Be Cut: WZ
UC Irvine Students Charged With Disrupting Israeli's Speech Say 'Muslim' An Islamophobic Codeword: WZ


Computer Glitch Turns Nissan Leaf Into Non-Starter: TAC
iPhone 4 About To Be Flickr’s Top Camera. Point & Shoots? Pretty Much The Opposite.: Crunch
What App Developers Want: Letters To Steve Jobs And Larry Page: Crunch


I Still Don’t Think This Will Help: iOTW
Red Flags Popping Up All Over Bank of America: CNBC
How to Launder Money: FPTCI

Image: The People's Cube
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Public Podcast: Sarah Palin’s Madison Tea Party Speech

QOTD: "Our president isn’t leading; he’s punting on this debt crisis. Win the future? The only future he wants to win is his re-election." --Sarah Palin

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