Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't Raise the The Debt Ceiling: Consider it Federal Spending 'Cap-and-Trade' for President Obama

America is about to hit its $14 trillion debt ceiling, at which point the country's credit card is maxed out. Republicans need to do two things: they must brand their efforts to cut government spending and they must also force radical cuts upon an out-of-control federal government. We have no choice if we are to save this country; rest assured Democrats aren't going to play nice.

Of course, the Democrats are using the debt ceiling debate to spread fear, doubt and uncertainty. Because that's what Democrats do. Walter Cruttenden uses precision and candor to debunk their lies.

Listening to the dire warnings of President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner and the messengers of Big Government the American public lives in fear of what might happen if the debt ceiling is not immediately increased. We hear three recurring themes: we could relapse into economic crisis, interest rates will rise, and the US will lose credibility in the international investment community. But are these warnings true? Absolutely not!

In short, Cruttenden observes that:

• America doesn't hit the debt ceiling on a hard-and-fast date. The country can shift payments for months by prioritizing interest remittances over other bills.

• Fewer bonds issued will very likely mean interest rates drop as a phenomenon unknown to Democrats known as "supply-and-demand" kicks in.

• The only loss of credibility in the markets will occur if a serious effort to reduce the deficit doesn't begin now.

I propose a compromise of sorts, which I believe is my awesomest idea ever. I call it Debt Ceiling Cap-and-Trade. Democrats can begin slashing government to stay under the debt ceiling. If they need extra cash flow, try slashing the Department of Labor's budget by, say, 80%.

The Branding Is Simple: No More Blank Checks

The branding is as simple as it gets. For too long, the taxpayers have been robbed blind by politicians willing to borrow from generations yet unborn to fund their various entitlement schemes, pork and pet projects.

Those days are over.

Whenever a Democrat tries to tar a Republican as cruel or heartless, the response is concise and honest: No more blank checks.

Let the Democrats Pick the Spending Cuts

I call this part of the plan 'Debt Ceiling Cap-and-Trade'. We conservatives are nothing if not tolerant, so we'll let the Democrats pick their spending cuts.

And since Democrats love Cap-and-Trade, we'll let them determine which of their delightful programs get slashed and which survive. Here are their choices:

Democrats are free to pick any combination of programs that allow them to pay the bills. They get to choose. If they want to keep the interest payments on their mammoth deficit spending going, they need to begin slashing to find the money.

And the country benefits all around.

Seriously -- this is my bestest idea ever. Pass it on to your friends and family members. If we don't lay down the law now, when will we?

And the branding is simple enough even for a RINO to understand. No more blank checks!


The_Bad said...

"Democrats are free to pick any combination of programs that allow them to pay the bills."

There's only one they ever consider. It's the only one the Federal governmnent should have: defense.

I propose an addendum to your Cap-and-Trade concept to eliminate defense from their cutting.


I. Love. This.

With the same exception as The Bad noted. Of course that will leave them with their second favorite play: cut everything that will cause problems and elicit pain: like fire, police and garbage pickup.

OK, let's not let the Democrats choose after all.

BS Footprint said...

Great idea! Though I agree that the dems will cut truly essential stuff long before they stop the money conveyor belt to their constituents.

Linked. Let's hope this gets some traction.

Ladylibra said...

Yes let the Democrats pick and choose because if we let the Republican do it only the wealthy will get trash, pickup, fire and rescue help. The Republicans feel that "the trickle down effect" will work this time...although they have tried this a million times before...all with the same result. Republicans if you are listening in order to get a different result you have to try something different!