Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Machete Hacks Up Pentagon Budget

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Obama's Machete Hacks Up Pentagon Budget: AmSpec
How Health Reform Punishes Work: WSJ
Trump hasn't voted in a primary in 20 years: Tatler

No SCOTUS fast track for Obamacare lawsuit: Malkin
A Tale of Three Budget Plans: FW
Haley Barbour's Not Running for President: RollCall

Breast cancer survivor humiliated, molested by TSA: Tatler
The Left Politicizes the Practice of Law: Power Line
NO Voter Fraud Here, just move along: MinRep


Uncontrolled Spending Is the Real Threat: Foundry
Give School Vouchers a Chance: FW
Into the Economic Abyss: ZH

Californication: Unions Ride Roughshod Over Jerry Brown: RedState
Union thuggery taught, encouraged at some MO universities: Toldjah
Silver, Gold Prices Push Higher: Street

Climate & Energy

As Gas Prices Reach $4 Per Gallon – The Obama EPA Forces Shell to Stop Drilling: RedState
Top 10 Environmental Scams: Human Events
Green Sin Week – your personal guide to penance: WUWT


Imperial White House Admits Working On Executive Order Attacking First Amendment : Lid
The Mainstream Media Finally Investigates Birther Allegations: RWN
Hasner Announces for U.S.Senate, Mark Levin Endorses: Shark

Sarah Palin keeps getting everything right: Tatler
Politico Wants You To Meet The Unhinged Anti-Palin "Crusaders": RWN
New York Times: Benefits of Fed's QE2 Program "surprisingly small": Reason

Obama, ‘Leading from Behind’: Driscoll
Obama campaign manager: Here’s our blueprint for winning reelection: Hot Air
Taking Bets On Whether the Media Will Cover Marxist Union Instruction: BigJourn

Of economics, socialism and watermelons: Polipundit
Gas Prices Top $1-a-Gallon Higher than Year Ago; Media Don't Blame Obama: MRC
The Left's Conspiratorial Hatred for Sarah Palin is Truly Unprecedented: EIB


Nap-tastic! DHS Can’t Account for 10 Libyan Men It Caught and Released Inside U.S.: CNS
The suicide stunts at Gitmo revisited: Malkin
It's Time For Assad -- AKA Hillary's 'Reformer' -- To

Zakat is not about charity, but jihad: Creeping
U.S. Aid Is Holding Africa Back: RCM
More than 160 prisoners released from Gitmo were judged "likely to pose a threat to U.S.": JihadWatch


Apple’s Location Tracking Is An Outrage — Where’s The Apology?: Yahoo!
Hard-Drive Steganography through Fragmentation: Schneier
AT&T starts selling 'cell tower in a suitcase': CNBC

Watch This Impressive Forerunner Of The iPad From 1994: Insider
Lessons From a Cloud Failure: It’s Not Amazon, It’s You: WebMonkey
Five business models to boost electric cars: CNet


Cube: "Billion Dollar" Campaign Fund Goal Still Not Met!!: People's Cube
Cops: Man Battered Kin During Argument Over HBO's "Game Of Thrones": TSG
Lindsay Lohan to work as janitor for community service hours: LAT

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QOTD: "...there is an ongoing effort to destroy this woman. Forget anything about Sarah Palin other than she's a person. The left always talks to us about compassion. She's a human being. She has kids. She's got a family. Yeah, she sought public office, but there's no sense of proportion to any of this... I'm wracking my brain trying to think of a period of time with anybody else other than Nixon, where there has been anything like this... This is not the imagined fantasy from Hillary Clinton who said that the Monica Lewinsky claims were made up by "a vast right-wing conspiracy" to discredit Bill. This is a genuine, real, existing, right-in-front-of-our-eyes conspiracy. Now, Reagan was attacked by Republicans, too, and hard. People forget that he was an outsider who threatened the establishment GOP base. The Democrats on the left attacked him, too.

But Palin seems to be in a class of her own, and it just keeps ratcheting up. It just keeps becoming even more intense. The attacks on her daughters and her Down Syndrome child is beyond anything I've ever seen." --Rush Limbaugh

1 comment:

Joan of Argghh! said...

Rush, in a weak and juvenile moment, lost all credibility to speak to the issue. Anyone who has listened to him knows the little game he played on Chelsea Clinton, and no one believes all his sham excuses.

He's right, of course, but until he apologizes sincerely he can find three fingers pointing right back at him: he started it.