Monday, April 18, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: I Repeat to the Trumka-Obama Class War Cult: Go To Hell

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I Repeat to the Trumka-Obama Class War Cult: Go To Hell: Breitbart
Tea Time in Wisconsin: NoisyRoom
NC Marines, Army Families Hard Hit by Storms: WZ

PalinTracker: Into the Breach: PJM
President Whatever finds things not going his way: Barone
Fire John Boehner!: JPA

DOJ Source: Muslim 'Outreach' Hurt Terror Investigations: PJM
Protest fashion — pick your favorite from yesterday's event: Althouse
President Obama to ignore 'czar' ban: Politico


Atlas is Shrugging in California: AmPower
The Benevolence of Greedy Capitalism: TL in Exile
Geithner: GOP leaders say they'll raise the debt ceiling: Hill

Half of All Americans Pay No Taxes, May Get Refund Anyway: GWP
The Obvious Answer to New Jersey’s Pension Mess: Bury
CT Labor Battle Highlights Ticking Time Bomb: RS

Climate & Energy

Oil Without Apologies: WSJ
Gore compares global warming to civil rights movement...: C&S
Unpopular Pat Quinn still taking shots at Scott Walker: Marathon


‘Obama is Not as Nice as He Looks’: Driscoll
The Media is Not, Repeat Not, Biased Against ‘Tea Party Radicals’: Powers
The AP Ponders the "Super Rich": Power Line

Al-Jazeera has fans in Obama W.H.: Politico
Jon Huntsman for President! (of the MSM): Malkin
Democrats' Disgust With Obama: Beast

Content Warning Not Strong Enough for This Video of Leftist Freakout at Oregon Tea Party Rally: Blaze
Film review: Atlas Shrugged: Hot Air
Just finished seeing Atlas Shrugged: DPU

Paul Krugman Calls for the Assassination of Paul Ryan: RS
Tea Party Sues Coldwater, MI For Idiocy And Banning Free Speech, But Mostly For Banning Free Speech: RWN
Obama’s latest words of wisdom:: DPU


A Communist Conspiracy?: Nyquist
De facto Sharia in London: ProWis
As Putin Crushes Russia’s Internet, Obama Stands By: PJM

Mexican Drug Cartels Targeting Children: PJM
Say “Goodbye” to the Dollar: Loudon
Oceania has never been at War with Abu Ghraib: Driscoll

How Vittorio Arrigoni Went to Gaza Hoping to Die: PJM
FEC to Investigate Atlas Disclosure: Obama's Millions in Foreign Campaign Contributions: Atlas
Zhou Pledges More Tightening; Moody's downgrades China Property: Mish


Windows 8: Portable Workspace allows you to run Windows from a USB device: WinRumors
Awesome 1000 horsepower Chevy powered Ferrari 360 is awesome: Jalopnik
FlyNano: FlyNano


Saturday Automotivators: RWN
Deconstructing our First Ladies of Lightness: MOTUS
Film claims discovery of nails from Jesus's cross: Maktoob

I'm Ready for My Closeup: iOTW
Ode to the One-Piece Bathing Suit: DPU (NSFW)
Why God Gave Us Ray Guns: C&S

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QOTD: "Barack Obama says we need to 'win the future,' and one more roll of the dice should do it: a trillion dollars of chips on the stimulus came up empty but let’s pile another couple trillion on Obamacare, and 'high-speed rail,' and 'green jobs,' and 'broadband access' . . . And all the while Wayne Newton is singing 'Danke Schoen' in Chinese. But don’t worry, we’re not just throwing our money away. We’re playing to a system! The president calls it 'investing in the future.'

How do you 'invest in the future'? By borrowing $188 million every hour. That’s what the government of the United States is doing. It’s spending one-fifth of a billion dollars it doesn’t have every hour of every day of every week — all for your future!" --Mark Steyn

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Anonymous said...

The Proggies (Since Commie is the same Communist, Proggie is short for Progressive, as they are one in the same)

Are either too Incompetent or too evil to realize their raise taxes plan will cripple the economy – but for them that’s a feature.

A slow down from higher taxes will mean a drop in revenue, so they will have to raise them some more.

The slow down from the second tax raising necessitated from the first tax raising will require a third round of the raising of taxes.

The slow down from the third round of tax increases will make it imperative that taxes are raised again to cover the budget shortfall from the first couple of tax hikes.

The slow down from the fourth round of taxation will beget a fifth round.
The slow down from the fifth round of taxation will beget a sixth round.
The slow down from the sixth round of taxation will beget a seventh round.
The slow down from the seventh round of taxation will beget a seventh round.
The slow down from the seventh round of taxation will beget an eighth round.
The slow down from the eighth seventh round of taxation will beget………………………………………………..