Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Budget Deal Includes Killing $226M Border Fence

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Budget Deal Includes Killing $226M Border Fence: Expose
The Charlie Sheen Republicans: Lord
Seems like Palin was right about the spending-cut deal: Cubachi

The 'Fairness' Meme: Kimball
The liberals' plan: Gut defense and tax, tax, tax: York
Pelosi: Elections Shouldn’t Matter as Much as They Do: Malkin


Tax the Rich? Good Luck With That: Williams
CA Teachers' Union Endorses Cop Killer at Annual Convention: GWP
Donald Trump's Casino Company Files for Third Bankruptcy : LZ

IMF: US has no credible plan to tackle debt crisis: WZ
Students Flood Harrisburg To Say: 'My School, My Choice': FW
Economic Optimism Plummets Across Demographic Groups: Mish

US Deficit Percent Now Largest of Any Developed Economy: GWP
The President and 'Taxing the Rich': AT
White House Spent $200M on Obamacare Propaganda: WZ

Climate & Energy

Climate Alarmist Comes Up With 3 Point Plan To Restart The Alarmism: RWN
The Gas Revolution: WklyStd
Dirty Communist Hippies: Let’s Give Mother Earth The Same Rights As Humans: RWN


Ezra Klein’s “Let It Ride” Plan is A Quick Trip to Cloud Cuckoo Land: Bise
Coffee, Tea, Or Separate Drinking Fountains?: iOTW
Paul Ryan’s desperate critics: JRubin

Our Elected Officials Need Remedial Freedom Courses: IMAO
Laughing At Arianna Huffington’s Hypocritical Misfortune: RWN
How JournOlism Works: Politico’s Ben Smith Drops Race Card on Donald Trump, NBC Runs With It: Nolte

The Pledge: Maybe if Somebody Replaced ‘God’ with ‘Cowboy Poets’ Harry Reid Would Want to Say It: Powers
Liberals and Progressives: It's not too late to save yourselves.: BSF
Having Solved All The Country’s Problems, Obama to Give Oprah Farewell Interview: WZ


Ambitious Turkey: Pipes
Leaderless in Libya: AmSpec
Japan Lifts Atomic Alert to Highest Level, Matching Chernobyl: Bloomberg

French Police Arrest Veiled Women at Muslim Burqa Protest: GWP
Socialized Medicine Director Dies After Waiting Nine Months for Operation: NewAm
Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters: Guardian

The Keystone of the Islamic Milieu: Inbreeding: Barnhardt
Virginia Muslim gets 23 years for D.C. subway plot: Creeping
Hamas Convicts Itself: JOdysseus


Democrat senator wants Internet sales taxes: CNet
Amazon to sell cheaper Kindle with on-screen ads: AP
Facebook suit cites alleged Zuckerberg e-mails: CNet

Security firm Barracuda hit by cyberattack: CNet
The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI: Daily Mail (UK)
Houston deserved a damn space shuttle: Jalopnik


No Blood, No Brain, No Heart: SHN
10 New Obama Campaign Posters: RWN
Trump: The Least Charitable Billionaire: TSG

Image: Sad Hill News
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QOTD: "Critics might not like the idea that we will have to spend less on entitlements, but Obama has bought into the argument by cutting Medicare and empowering the Independent Payment Advisory Board to ”control costs,” which means to limit the amount spent on Medicare.

If critics want to insist that any cut in Medicare is unacceptable, they shouldn’t have cheered for Obamacare, and if they think we can keep spending as much as we have on Medicaid, they are living in a dream world. No wonder they were frantic at the notion that Obama might endorse the Simpson-Bowles plan. The commission, of course, recognized that both these programs and Social Security as well need to be curbed in order to be saved." --Jennifer Rubin

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Old Fan said...

Here is another link, as we see the more reasoned, objective, sound, fair, etc., begin to respond to the overtly hostile reaction to Boehner and Company's efforts.

"I sense a tempest in a teapot brewing over the continuing resolution for 2011, specifically the notion of “real” versus “fake” cuts. I confess I’m mystified."

Cuts Are Cuts
April 13, 2011 12:03 P.M.
By Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Long ago, after 2004, we watched a reactionary fashion pushed by some who were utterly mindless, and all the folly ended up producing as self destructive sophistry. It foolishly enabled the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc. It wasn't sound conservatism, just like the insane claims of "Rovian Cabals" and pushes for disastrous Delaware debacles.

Frustrations are understandable, as we know we are dealing with imperfect humans as politicians. But the hyperbole is simply not healthy - it is utterly counter productive. Hopefully, the fashion will grow up a little.