Monday, April 11, 2011

An Epiphany About the Political Leanings of My Pets

I've finally figured it out. My dogs are Democrats. Consider the evidence, which I must say is overwhelming:

• They don't work -- they lay around all day, only getting up to bark at the occasional passers-by.

• I work all day to support them.

• I pay for their food and they eat what they want, when they want and -- if they don't like the food -- they bark at me.

• If they get sick, I pay for their health care.

• I provide their shelter and they live as comfortably as I do -- heck they even sleep on the foot of the bed during the winter so they can leech heat from me.

• And when they want to be otherwise entertained they just stand in front of me either bark or beg.

I'm telling you flat out: these dogs are Democrats just as certain as Michael Moore is a communist.


Anonymous said...

Very Cute dog! I guess my golden retriever is a Democrat too!

btw, thanks for all the great postings, much appreciated.

Joan of Argghh! said...

That would make cats plantation owners and Congressmen.

Anonymous said...

since they don't have any redeeming social value, and cost more than they are worth, why don't we just take them out and shoot them.

that's what we ought to be doing with all the poor, the unemployed, the old farts on social security and medicare.

they aren't contributing, let's get rid of them, so they aren't such a drag on the rest of us.

Caledonia Unplugged said... do you explain the fact that my dog listens to me (and generally seems to agree with me); obeys me; loves hanging out with me; and literally jumps for joy when she sees me? I don't know any democrats that have that reaction to conservatives. Maybe pets are just "fiscal" democrats ;^)