Saturday, April 09, 2011

Attention John Boehner and Eric Cantor: Moreballstra™ Can Help!

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Old Fan said...

It's funny, but the Republicans being portrayed as weak and 'caving' is utter nonsense.

It is a product of the same fashion which foolishly began to call GW Bush a 'traitor', and imagines mythic cabals involving Rove - Powerline - the Moon - etc.

Same foolish 'stuck on stupid' some used to use to describe Democrat Partisans stuck on obsessing over gross distortions as others raced to rescue trapped folks in New Orleans.

So far, Boehner has shown more 'balls' than those who write on blogs, safe from the sidelines. In fact, many Republicans engaged in the good fight, who actually took the trouble to run for Office, deserve a little more respect and decency which used to be possessed by serious conservatives.

It would be a shame for some to follow the same self destructive fashion which enabled the Democratic Party in Delaware.

A real shame.

Funny indeed, not even close to being accurate.