Monday, April 11, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: It Ain't Bachmann Who's the Phony

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Michele Bachmann is not a 'phony': RightScoop
Copious Quantities of Casuistry: OTB
CA legislators get CCW permits, little people out of luck: Bee

Key Gunrunner figure cooperating with Congress: Sipsey
TSA follies: See SPOT fail: Malkin
Confessions of the Oklahoma City Bomber: AT

Palin: There Is No True Debt Limit for Politicians: C4P
John McCain: Citizens Shouldn’t Interfere in Politics: Cato
The Student Loan Scam Revisited: Mish


You're kidding me, right?: Steyn
What a Joke: Hayek
We Must Think Beyond the $38 Billion: AT

Inflating Our Way to a Government-Controlled Economy: AT
California on the Razor's Edge: Hanson
Silver, Gold Prices Deliver Terrible News for America: AT

Climate & Energy

Don’t Forget: Rockstars At Eco-Tard Woodstock On Tax Day: CBullitt
Climate Morons To March On D.C. On April 18th, Confront “Climate Criminals”: RWN
Wind power being poisoned by massive government subsidies: BlogProf


Progressives ponder why tea party is kicking their butts: Hot Air
Moonshine Mulshine of the Star-Ledger: Lord
Susannah Breslin on Blog Marketing and Hustle: AmPower

Schadenfreudedowd: Driscoll
The new, improved border fence (as seen by a liberal Berkeley professor): IHTM
Barack Obama: Recalling the Wild Praise of 2008: BRubin

A Well-Executed Con Job: Wehner
I Get Emails: It’s Those Billionaires Who Are The Real Enemies!: RWN
ABC's George Will: 'Ryan is 8 Years Younger Than Obama But Vastly More Experienced' With Budgets: HyScience


Palestine is Genocide: Sultan Knish
Hamas: How Dare That School Bus Take a Road IDF Uses: Jawa
A letter to progressive U.S. Jews: These are your people: Burston

Russia Wants That ‘Re-Set’ Button Connected to More Than Just the Relationship: Malkin
Westerners obsess over destruction of one book, ignore destruction of actual human lives: Creeping
Beijing police halt unapproved church service: MyWay

Responsibility to Protect: Belmont Club
Obama's Fort Hood Jihadist: AT (Geller)
Maher: Islam Only Religion That "Kills You When You Disagree With Them": RCP


Huge Asteroid to Pass Near Earth in November: Instapundit
Sunday Book Thread: Donald Knuth: Ace
Sunday Discussion Question: Why Isn’t This Car in the U.S.?: FavStocks (Blumer)


The H-Word: C&S
Meanwhile, the Diligent Fringe Keeps Digging: iOTW
This Week in Auto-Motivators: RWN

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QOTD: "The Republicans' concession makes it clear that:

* Obamacare will not be defunded.
* The EPA will not be blocked from regulating carbon.
* The NLRB will not be stopped from forcing an end to secret ballots in union contests.
* Medicaid will not be block granted and turned over to the states.
* Welfare spending will not be cut nor work requirements imposed.
* The FCC will not be stopped from regulating talk radio.

In short, we have accomplished nothing by our hard work in 2010.

Except we have learned a lesson.

And the lesson is this: We need to purify our party and purge it of the likes of John Boehner and all those Congressmen who vote for the budget sellout. The Tea Party must take the lead in this purifying fire. We must not let the RINOs win!" --Dick Morris

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