Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stop-Action Photos: I can sometimes see the future, and what I see is an IRS Proctoscopy for WFAA Television Reporter Brad Watson

Lesson learned: don't ask the president difficult questions because he's likely to get 'prickly'.

Nobody interrupts POTUS: The outburst heard 'round the world

When the even-keeled and cool President Obama gets prickly in public, it never goes unnoticed... So it’s no surprise that Washington took notice when after a tense interview with a Texas TV reporter on Monday, Obama unclipped his microphone with no smile in sight, and tersely warned, “Let me finish my answers next time we do an interview, all right?”

Perhaps now we know why legacy media blistered Sarah Palin with complex, amorphous policy questions while simultaneously lobbing softballs to Obama.

Kudos to WFAA reporter Brad Watson for his straightforward questioning of the president.

Watson: Why do you think you're so unpopular in Texas?

A: Well, Texas has always been a... uhh... Republican state for... uhh... historic reasons... we, uhh, lost by a few percentage points in Texas --

Watson: ...Actually, you lost by about ten...


Watson: Was the shuttle not awarded to Houston due to politics?

A: I just said that wasn't true.


Watson: Are you going to campaign in Texas, or is the state written off?

A: I never write off... states and, uhh, I love, uhh, Texas.

Watson: After the interview, Obama pointed out that he doesn't like the interviewer challenging him (Obama: "Let me finish my answers the next time we're doing an interview.")

Has America ever had a more petulant and narcissistic man serve in the White House?

For you drones: that's a rhetorical question.

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Dapandico said...

The Won was in a teleprompter free zone.

Bones said...

I often wonder how the MSM people.
They get educated and work their way to the top of the profession only to become propagandists for this Phony. They are exposed to enough information and know that the MSM news product produced is defective and dangerous. We need more Brad Watsons

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he managed a coherent answer without his teleprompter. I suspect Watson can expect the IRS to audit him and an anal probe the next time he travels by airliner.

Its amazing that so many Americans could vote for this ignorant, little man.

The_Bad said...

While true that media adoration plays a large role in the kid-glove treatment of the president, one must also bear in mind the consequences of a journalist doing their job as intended. As evidenced in the link you provided from Politico, the White House has already indicated that this reporter will never again be graced with the opportunity to interview anyone in this administration.

Is this practice new? Hardly. This was the message to all media back when the president and vice-president were candidates for the office. When local Chicago radio station WGN decided to interview Stanley Kurtz, a conservative writer who managed to force a taxpayer-funded university to open public records (yes, allow the public access to the records it bloody paid for), the Obama campaign called for its minions to descend upon the right of a free press.

As I highlighted back in 2008, among numerous other examples of anti-American, Nazi-esque tactics, candidate Biden was asked by a reporter about Obama’s socialist ideology. He was visibly angered, and the campaign immediately cancelled an interview with Biden’s wife, and cut off all future opportunities to the station. Not too strangely, the video embed from my article, as well as the link for the WFTV text regarding the kerfuffle have since all been swallowed by the memory hole.

When dissent results in a one-way ticket to Siberia, how many journalists do you think will be inclined to ask anything tougher than, “How hard is it to be as cool as you?”