Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After today's budget revelations, I'd be too embarrassed to tweet this

RINOs lied, their credibility died.

Mark Levin was prescient on Saturday, asking: "What if $10 billion of the $38.5 billion actually is from the prior two CRs? And what if another $12 billion of the remaining $28.5 billion actually comes from a change in the budget baseline that would have occurred anyway?"

And that's precisely what happened.

So the RINOs in the House lied to us. They misplayed their hand and they lied. They cut virtually nothing from the budget that wasn't already getting cut.

It's time for new leadership in the House. New, conservative leadership who have as their goal the rescue of this country from the fiscal abyss. If that's extreme, then I want two hundred more extremists in Congress.

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Anonymous said...

Well, now we know who really has the brains. From now, on, if Levin says it stinks, that's good enough for me.