Friday, April 29, 2011

Gas Pump Sticky-Note Campaign: Pre-Printed Notes You Can Use!

The 'Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign' is spreading.

Rather than hand-written notes, I've decided to create a set that you can print.

Here are the first two of the set.

Feel free to post suggestions for different versions. The idea is to use real news stories and data to highlight the radical, destructive and extra-Constitutional policies of the Obama administration.

Linked by: Legal Insurrection. Thanks!


Trialdog said...

Left my first note this morning. I like handwritten because it is easy to keep a Post-It pad in the truck.
I've e-mailed my friends. They like it.
I think the key is the "NOBAMA 2012" at the end. Because is does not matter. Everyone or anyone would be better than a committed Marxist ideologue. They are just so ignorant yet too arrogant to recognize their failures.

sTevo said...

I print off 70 no-bama cards and will start leaving them in public places.

I was reprimanded by a coworked for putting the joker pic on back.

The_Bad said...

In 2008, candidate Obama promised a plan to skyrocket energy cost.

Mission Accomplished.

Nobama 2012

The_Bad said...

In 2008, candidate Obama proclaimed, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody."

Has your income increased as much as this price? How good is this for you?

Nobama 2012

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion for a sticky note:

US oil production

1986: 8.68 million barrels/day
2010: 5.51 million barrels/day.

There's a chart at the link above.

Bones said...

Gas prices (aside from unemployment) are one of the first things that the MSM watching public has noticed about Obama policies. Shortages are next.