Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Atlantic: Donald Chump May Be Dumber Than You Think

"He may be dumber than you think: Exclusive research reveals "Celebrity Apprentice" viewers are the most Democratic in primetime TV"

If Trump's sharp right turn and populist rhetoric were ratings ploys, they were -- like his thrice bankrupt casinos -- monumental failures.

"Celebrity Apprentice" viewers are the most Democratic in primetime TV.

...the audience for "Celebrity Apprentice" is among the most liberal in primetime television (see graphic above). Rather than add viewers, Trump foolishly appears to be driving them away...

Trump's ratings have clearly dropped. The fall-off has been especially pronounced over the last few weeks, a period that coincides with Trump's emphasis on Obama's birth certificate. "Something is definitely going on there," another media buyer told me. "He's dropped -- and that's a big f***ing dip." Given the liberal skew of Trump's viewership, that dip might not be surprising.

The Republicans flirting with Trump ought to remember his history:

• He was pro-choice a few years ago; now he's pro-life
• He donated $50,000 to the malevolent Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign
• He also donated to the ludicrous Marxists Chucky "Schmucky" Schumer and Anthony's Weiner in the last election cycle
• Just a few years ago, he wanted George W. Bush impeached
• He's done absolutely nothing to support the Tea Party over the last two years
• And, despite virtually the entire House GOP's support for Paul Ryan's Budget plan, Chump portrays it as 'too extreme'

We don't need P.T. Barnum in the White House. We need a Constitutional conservative -- in the worst way. And Donald Chump ain't it.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.


Joan of Argghh! said...

My failures never provide me private jets and pool boys. *sigh*

I'm not saying it's right, I'm just sayin'. . .

Joan of Argghh! said...

Holy Crap! It all makes sense!

Trump will be Obama's new veep choice!!


David said...

All a set up I believe. I have written here before that trump is a shill for the DNC, he is the 2012 version of Ross Perot, a spolier to split the votes up to let an unpopular president keep his seat for a second term. Look at this, trump has succeeded in scoring points for obama now. Is trump really that stupid? When he started talking about running for office, I was stunned that his first talking points were about the birth cert. Why? There are SO many other distasterous issues obama has foistered on us that he could have made great talking points over, yet he chose the birth cert. Easy, it was a set up from the beginning. Now Trump is asking about obama’s college records. He lost over the BC issue, yet he is setting himself up for a second loss over this. No, I don’t believe Trump is really THAT stupid. This is a DNC setup, and trump is part of it. Turn your backs on Trump, Conservatives, do it quickly.