Monday, April 25, 2011

Officials now finding IEDs on bridges in 'safe as it's ever been' border area

If I were to pick who is the biggest disaster in the Obama administration, starting with Geithner, Holder, Napolitano and including Obama himself, it would resemble one of those electronic horse racing games. They're all neck and neck, back and forth, until someone wins. And the winner varies randomly, depending upon the time of day.

Consider, if you will, this delightful news story published by KRGV (Rio Grande Valley, TX), headlined "Improvised Explosive Device Discovered On An Overpass In Brownsville".

Police say a passerby on the southbound side of Highway 77 noticed what looked like a grenade near the FM 1732 overpass and alerted authorities around 5 p.m. Sunday.

The improvised explosive device or I-E-D was disarmed by a bomb squad using a robot...

No one was hurt...

...Parts of Highway 77 were closed for several hours.

Police are continuing to investigate.

It wasn't too long ago that Stratfor reported that IEDs and car bombs are becoming commonplace in Mexico as the failed narco-terror state collapses from within.

Last July, "a car bomb ... was detonated with the same kind of sophistication that is used by terrorist groups like Hezbollah."

In fact, Hezbollah has been operating in Mexico for a number of years, thanks to funding from Iran.

And our border remains wide open with states that dare to enforce existing immigration law targeted by the Obama administration.

I don't know who said it, but it rings true: "Lawlessness begets lawlessness."

Hat tip: Tatler.


Anonymous said...

At some point, Mexico became the 51st state or perhaps our great big Puerto Rico to the south. Its citizens travel freely all over U.S. land and birth litters of anchor babies that open the doors to social programs paid for by American citizens. Its trucks soon will travel our highways with mufflers paid for by U.S. citizens. Its criminals prey on American citizens and are setting up their gangs in our cities. Its language has been accepted as a mainstream alternative to English. Is it the dream of NAFTA? the knowledge that this invasion is another way to weaken and destroy the American culture? the parasitism of business that wants cheap slave labor more than it wants a middle class of workers? What power has given Mexico and Mexicans' problems mastery over the United States?

Muadib said...

"Its citizens travel freely all over U.S. land and birth litters of anchor babies that open the doors to social programs paid for by American citizens."

You seem to be suggesting that babies born in the US become US citizens, eligible for the priveledges that entows, as per Article 1401.

I think you might want to check around with the base and find out you're mistaken.

You can have "anchor babies" or "birthers", but not both. They're mutually exclusive.