Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: A San Francisco Tax Day Showdown

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A San Francisco Tax Day Showdown: Zombie
Obama Empire Strikes Back on HolderGate Report: PJM
The Single Most Terrifying Thing You'll Read About the Future: RWN

It's All Coming Apart: AT
Westboro Baptist Goes To Mississippi – And Loses: HayRide
If the Shoe Fits...: WZ


Taxpayers spent $400 billion complying with tax code: Foundry
Club for Growth: Trump Is No Conservative: NRO
Debt Clock in the House Chamber?: Malkin

Obama's 'deficit reduction' claim off by a trillion(+): Hennessey
And Then What?: Ace
LGF: Taxpayers Taking A Bath On GM Is Great News!: RWN

Geithner Confident GOP Will Cave on Debt Ceiling: RWN
Sterilization to be covered under ObamaCare: Ameristroika
If the unions have lost Detroit, they've lost. Period.: AT

Climate & Energy

UN to Debate Human Rights for ‘Mother Earth’ (to get out of paying those parking tickets): Malkin
Will California’s Cap & Trade System Be The First One To Ever Work? Ehr, No Stupid! Of Course, Not!: RWN
Are biofuel policies to help Mother Earth killing her most vulnerable children instead?: WUWT

Gov't Motors Energy Breakthrough - Chevy Volt Also Generates Thermal Energy: LegalIns
Good News! CFLs Now Reported To Release Cancer Causing Vapors!: RWN
EPA: Jobs Don't Matter: IBD


Patient Obama: Hanson
How to Nail Obama On His Lies: Ace
Time Magazine Declares Icemakers to Be a Threat to the Planet: RWN

Donald Trump Is Nothing More Than A Self Promoter, and Let’s End the Birther Nonsense: RWN
Palin: Fresh Breeze In Wisconsin: IBD
AP headline: Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically. Alternate Headline...: BlogProf

LA Times Reporter Wins Pulitzer For Exposing Corrupt Democrats: GWP
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Donald Trump?: OTB
Coffee Party Protest in Chicago Draws 20 People: JWF


Khamenei Rep: ‘Bahrain Primed To Spur Return of Twelfth Imam’: Kahlili
Is George Soros a Communist Agent?: Loudon
U.S. Gov't Agency Plans $2.84 Billion Loan for Oil Refinery—In Colombia: CNS

Monroe Wept: Brazil, Argentina Play Nice with Iran: PJM
Brazil: Iranian cleric recruiting for Islam…in time for the World Cup and the Olympics: Fausta
Andres Serrano's picture of Christ suspended in urine is destroyed in France: AT


Dropped iPhone Calls Really Are an AT&T Thing: Fool
Tata: Building an auto empire in India: Fortune
WikiLeaks Cable about Chinese Hacking of U.S. Networks: Schneier


Caution: Some Easter Spheres may be rotten: Cube
Video: Man spotted ironing his shirts on the M1: AutoBlog
Make Your Kid Rich With a Roth IRA: Forbes

Image: Zombie
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Anonymous said...


Mr. President Awesome, do you ever feel sorry for your opponents for their being so un-awesome like?

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Mr. President, your Exalted intelligence is known far and wide by everyone that knows anything, and those that don’t are stupid, is it possible your are the most Magnificent leader this nation has ever known.?

Mr. President your Impressive Magnificence outshines every other person in history, past or present, do you expect to become even more Majestic in your second term?

President Obama, you have been the best thing that has ever happened to this country, do you feel it’s necessary and a waste of money to even have another election?

Mr. President, every one of my co-workers in the press cannot understand why anyone would vote against you? (Besides the racists, that is)