Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo: Funnel Cloud Over Manhattan

Looks like NYC dodged a bullet.

With weather officials sounding the all-clear Thursday afternoon, Greater New York emerged undamaged from the historic tornado outbreak that has afflicted nearly half the nation and rendered this month the most tornadically active April in U.S. history.

Funnel clouds made their closest brush with New York City since striking Brooklyn and Queens last September, with a trained weather spotter observing three in short succession near Wayne, N.J., at about 12:15 p.m. Thursday. At one point, six counties in the region were under a tornado warning.

Radar imagery at that time confirms a significant threat, with Doppler wind estimates in excess of 70 mph.

If you can help support those impacted by the catastrophic storms in Alabama, click here for details.


Zilla said...

Wow, that is some picture! City folk should be counting their blessings that the thing didn't touch down! I live about 60 miles north of Manhattan, we had a lot of storm warnings but it aside from thunder & rain, it wasn't too bad in my part of New York.

Georg Felis said...

Looks like the President coming into town for yet another tie-up-the-traffic fundraiser.