Sunday, February 04, 2018

Comey In Jeopardy

If I were James Comey's lawyer, I'd tell him to lay off the whiskey while tweeting. Comey appears to be in serious legal jeopardy for his dueling statements about the DNC-funded "dossier" that was used to justify spying on Trumpworld.

Under oath in June of 2017, Comey testified before Congress that the "dossier" was "salacious and unverified".

Yet Comey signed off on at least one -- and perhaps as many as four -- FISA warrant requests that were based upon the bogus "dossier".

According to Rep. Lee Zeldin, FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe testified "under oath that there would not have been a FISA warrant if not for the dossier. It was recorded."

Neither the initial application in October 2016, nor any of the renewals, disclose or reference the role of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or any party/campaign in funding Steele's efforts, even though the political origins of the Steele dossier were then known to senior DOJ and FBI officials.

In other words, Comey lied to Congress or he lied to the FISA court. In either case, Comey should be held to account using every legal means available.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


Whoopie said...

It will take sustained public outcry to stiffen the spine of the DOJ to bring charges against Comey and all the other conspirators. The DOJ/FBI claims it is re-examining the case of Hillary's emails. There is nothing to re-examine, the evidence in Comey's own words hasn't changed. She was manifestly guilty of gross negligence then and still is. Simply indict her. At the time Comey claimed no prosecutor would bring charges, I bet if we really looked we could easily find several willing to do so.

Anonymous said...

This swamp dweller should be sentenced to the maximun fine and time in prison. When I worked in a highly classified section, it was drummed into us what would happen if classified data wound up in the wrong class. Ten years and 50,000 plus a loss of all government rights and entitlements.

For his multiple crimes Comey should never see the light of day again.

The same goes for his posse.

And for betraying the trust of the American people they should all get Muslim cellmates who can indulge their whims freely.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And for betraying the trust of the American people they should all get Muslim cellmates who can indulge their whims freely."

Creative. I like the way you think.


Eskyman said...

There's a reason Comey is so tall. Remember Pinocchio? His nose grew when he told lies.

Comey got a different deal: for every tall tale he tells, he grows taller. He's actually a moral midget, but he's now the tallest short person around!