Sunday, February 18, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: What Do We Do about the Biased and Incompetent FBI?

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What Do We Do about the Biased and Incompetent FBI?: Roger L. Simon
Levin: ‘Twice, people saw something, said something, and the FBI blew it!’: Phil Shiver
Time's Up: Anti-Trump Forces Face Their Day of Reckoning: Janice Shaw Crouse

The Truth About Russian Ads on Facebook: Rob Goldman, Facebook
Where Is the Democratic Outrage Over Spying on Americans?: Thomas J. Farnan
When the Idiots Are At the Gate, Don’t Open the Gate: MOTUS

Everything Media Accuse Trump of Doing with Russia, Obama Actually Did: Lee Smith
Byron York is Misinformed – IG Horowitz Has Very Wide Investigative Net: CTH
The Process of Disproving a Negative Accusation: CTH

Dem Rep Predicts Pelosi Will Not Be Party Leader in 2019: Conor Beck
Court Test: State’s Rights vs. Refugee Entitlements: Bob Dane
Maxine Waters at Nation Of Islam; Farrakhan Defended Suicide Bombers: Peter Hasson


Before you blame market volatility on inflation, check out this ‘stunning’ chart: Shawn Langlois
Infrastructure Will Grow Faster Without Project Labor Agreements: Emily Top
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Completes Steel and Aluminum Reports – Recommends Tariffs: CTH

Scandal Central

Here’s a Guy Who Might Know How FBI Clinton Email Probe Was Sabotaged: Charles Ortel
Behind The Sanctimonious Tweets James Comey Has a Very Serious Book Problem: CTH
Prestigious Hawaii school pays $80M to victims of 'monstrous sexual abuse': Kathleen Joyce

Climate, Energy & Regulations

World’s Largest Science Organization Gives Top Honor To Conspiracy-Monger Michael Mann: Julie Kelly


In 2016 CNN’s Chris Cuomo Was “Spotted Boozing” Before Wrecking Car In Drag Race: Lookout
The Media Lost Interest in Russia Collusion Story When Their Role in It Was Exposed: TruePundit
Why You Can’t Have A Debate on Gun Rights With Liberals: BattleSwarm


McMaster: Now Is Time To Act Against Iran And It’s Network Of Proxies: OAN
“Flee Immediately If You Want to Live," warn Muslim migrants to French Jews: BNI
Afghan migrant in Germany dies trying to kill his girlfriend: Vlad Tepes

Hungary rejects the UN’s position that migration has a positive effect: VoE
Infidel Women: Spoils of War: Raymond Ibrahim
U.S. Still Unsure Who Directed Syria Attack, Despite Russian Dead: Phil Stewart

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Air Force requested $30M to develop a ‘cyber carrier’: Mark Pomerleau
China’s plan: use artificial intelligence to boost thinking skills of nuclear submarine commanders: CMP
Forget Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs: Purdue’s Microbots Are the Real Nightmare: Vice


The billionaire who allegedly swindled $1.8 billion from an Indian bank: Anwesha Ganguly
The playboy who got away with $242m – using ‘black magic’: BBC
A Company 3D-Printed a House in 24 Hours for Only $10,134: Anti-Media

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Anonymous said...

What? Eric Holder wants to run for President, surely nothing was, or is wrong with the FBI. But is piling on them warranted for a local problem?