Thursday, February 15, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Anatomy of a Coup

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Anatomy of a Coup: Ann Coulter
Someone’s Doing The DOJ and FBI Interrogations and It’s Not Congress: CTH
Was DNC actually hacked? Russia narrative continues to collapse: Jordan Schachtel

Political Espionage, By the Book: George Neumayr
Rice’s odd memo: Did Obama withhold intel from Trump?: Sharyl Attkisson
The Clintons’ Final Con: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Mike Flynn, Rudolph Contreras and The Increasingly Sketchy FISA Application: CTH
In The Case Of The FISA Memos, Transparency Is National Security: Jonathan Turley
When Susie Met Comey: Lloyd Billingsley

Nikolas Cruz Was Reported to FBI As Potential School Shooter in September : GWP
The Deranged Instagram Accounts of FL Shooter Nicolas Cruz: GWP
Broward County FL Schools Institute “Trayvon Martin Standard”: CTH (2013)


Trump’s Terrible, Swift Sword: AmSpec
Feds Make History With Record Taxes in First Month of Tax Cut: Brandon Stewart
Pushback: Cops, FBI, Border agents, 'absolutely enthralled' with Trump: Paul Bedard

Scandal Central

The Flynn Case: Falco
Carter Page, Useful Idiot: Kirk Bennett
Southern Poverty Law Center working to advance the establishment of Sharia Law in US: RSR


Porter vs. Rhodes: Larry Elder
NY Daily News wastes no time, trolls GOP Sens who’ve received NRA money hours after FL shooting: BPR
CNN Guest on FL Shooting: What Body Count Needed Before People in D.C. ‘Give a Rat’s Ass’: Mediate


European Officials: Apologists for Arab-Islamic Repression, Terrorism: Giulio Meotti
The Palestinian Information Center Posts Another Own Goal: Aussie Dave
Turkey demands U.S. expel Kurdish militia from anti-Islamic State force: Foreign Desk

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Return of the MOOCs: Mene Ukueberuwa
Google Wants To Get Date Timestamps Accurate In Search Results: SER
Enriched Uranium Particle Appears Over Alaska — and No One Knows Why: Rafi Letzter


Valentine’s Day: MOTUS
Ode to Illegal Aliens Beside Obama: C&S
The Inner JSON Effect: DailyWTF

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