Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Nunes Demands Answers from Senior Obama Officials on Steele Dossier

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Nunes Demands Answers from Senior Obama Officials on Steele Dossier: Sara Carter
Fatal Bureau of Investigation: Lloyd Billingsley
Liberals Fail, Volume XXXVII: Kurt Schlichter

Pelosi Tries to Extend Tax Breaks for Her Multi-Million-Dollar Homes: Susan Crabtree
Illinois: Hamas-linked group launches hijab propaganda billboard campaign: JihadWatch
Violent crime in Chicago Loop up 97%, so Rahm cuts cops there: Thomas Lifson

Clarence Thomas scolds fellow justices after refusing to hear gun rights cases: Scoop
Levin: GOP ‘chorus to the radical-left progressives’ on guns: Chris Pandolfo
Hey Liberals, Armed Guards In Schools Was Bill Clinton’s Idea: Jeff Dunetz


Banks could intervene in gun sales if Congress doesn't act: Insider
Unions Appeal Right to Work in Kentucky: Bill McMorris
Moscovici: Greece '99 percent' there to get new bailout: EUobserver

Scandal Central

Meet The Former Feinstein Staffer Brokering Access To Christopher Steele: Sean Davis
Chairman Devin Nunes Interview With Tucker Carlson: CTH
FBI Might Avoid Turning Over Documents in Texas Attack Lawsuit: Todd Shepherd


Mark Levin's new Fox News program to launch Sunday night: Joe Concha
Apple removes Good Friday, Easter from calendar for iPhones: Steve Jalsevac
Student Anti-Gun Activist Featured In CBS News Story - Six Months Ago: Dan Lyman


U.S. to Deploy Attack Drones in Korea: Yu Yong-weon
Europe’s Future Nightmare: The ‘Baby Muhammad’ Jihad: Raymond Ibrahim
Macron and Islam: "Appeasement and Dialogue": Yves Mamou

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Should gender dysphoria be treated with drugs aligned to genetic sex?: Bookworm
The Car of the Future Will Sell Your Data: Bloomberg
AnyVision's facial recognition cameras are being installed in 'smart cites' everywhere: MassPrivateI


Ted Cruz Owns Celebrities on Gun Control in TMZ Video: Nichole Cooper
People Who Live In Glass Houses…: MOTUS
Curling: Stunned Canada Out Of Women’s Competition: OAN

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