Saturday, February 10, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The rogue FBI may collapse

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The rogue FBI may collapse: Don Surber
Feds Paid $100K To Shady Russian Who Promised Them Dirt On Trump: John Sexton
Sen. Mark Warner Traded Secret Texts with Russians Linked to Hillary: Debra Heine

The key to the Nunes memo: Saul Montes-Bradley
FBI Counterspies Under Scrutiny Over FISA Abuses: Bill Gertz
ICE Arrests Hit Three-Year High Under Trump: Charles Fain Lehman

Democrats’ “Resistance” To Trump Is Eroding, And So Are Their Poll Numbers: Hot Air
Thanks Obama: Long battle in NJ to stop intrusive, noisy mosque flames out: BNI
Illinois | Ban on Guns within 1,000ft of Parks is Unconstitutional: Dean Weingarten

Sudden FBI departures indicate that the jig is up: Thomas Lifson
DOJ Official Rachel Brand Resigns: CTH
On Brand's Departure: Stealth Jeff


Study: Welfare for Foreign Refugees Costs U.S. Taxpayers $870M Annually: John Binder
Rand Paul is Right – Paul Ryan’s Bi-Partisan Budget Deal is a Disaster: Onan Coca
Donald Trump Signs Bloated Bipartisan Spending Bill; Hails 'Big Victory' for Military: Charlie Spiering

Scandal Central

Russians Lobbied Clinton on Uranium One as Spies Infiltrated Her Inner Circle: Tyler O'Neil
How Do We Know?: CTH
FBI texts: Clinton email aide Huma Abedin sought immunity — or would take the '5th': Paul Bedard

Ex-Obama State Official Winer Passed Dossier to Kerry, Info from Sid Blumenthal to Steele: Kristina Wong
Chairman Nunes Asks FISA Court For Transcripts: CTH
Executive Branch Responds To Minority Legislative Branch Declassification Request: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Gulf Coast Shipping Boom: U.S. Oil Exports Pour Into Worldwide Markets: gCaptain
The Triumph of American Oil: Scott McKay


Elites' immigration views a 'recipe for civil war': Tucker
Kimberley Strassel Discusses Corruption Junction With Tucker Carlson: CTH
Don Lemon and a Lesson on Unity: Jeffrey Lord


ISRAELI F-16 Shot Down Overnight: “This is a serious Iranian attack”: Fed Up
Obama’s $1.7 Billion Cash Payment to Iran Traced to Terrorist Groups: GWP
NAFTA and the Stock Market Timing: TheLastRefuge

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Update on my case: Sharyl Attkisson
Vegas shooter had anti-anxiety drugs in his system; motive behind massacre remains mystery: David Montero
Bitcoin may finally disrupt the credit card rails starting in 2018: Daily FinTech


If Everything’s Racist Say “Thank You Obama!”: MOTUS
Watch Hillary Clinton Choke On Her Own Lies: Mark Simone
The Tic-Tac-Toe Match That Shocked The World: Hot Air

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